EndPoint Manager Newsletter – 29th April 2022

Welcome Intune enthusiasts to my weekly roundup of the exciting news and posts across the community. As always, get in touch if you think I’m missing anything and feel free to subscribe to the newsletter to have these hand delivered to your mailbox (maybe not quite by hand)

In no particular order:

We start with this post from Jitesh Kumar running through the Audit logs feature and how to use it to track down anyone clicking the Restart button on a device


Next we have a post from Mattias Melkersen KalvĂ„g with a deep dive on exactly how filters work within Intune. If you haven’t read his excellent post on using filters, I would recommend doing so (it’s here)


This post from Michael Niehaus describes how to customise the start menu on Windows 11 using JSON.


This post from Sune Thomsen further automates Group Policy Analytics including using Graph to do a nice clean-up afterwards.


Something slightly different, Intune can now manage multi-session AVD desktops


This post from Damien Van Robaeys is one I’m particularly fond of. If you’re tired of users keeping files in their recycle bin, this script will give them a nice notification telling them to clear it out!


Not strictly Intune related, but if you are a heavy powershell user, I recommend reading this post from Harm Veenstra running through the PSReadline module


Another one not Intune specific and a second this week from Jitesh Kumar running through the new keyboard commands in Windows 11


One definitely worth reading from Eswar Koneti running through how to upgrade the Intune Connector


This excellent post from Dujon Walsham runs through Available Applications in Company Portal and some excellent details around it. I would suggest reading Part 1 and Part 2 as well


And finally, a video from Dean Ellerby running through using Microsoft Defender to secure your mobile devices

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