Configuring Edge IE Mode in Intune – Site List and Cloud Site List

Andrew Taylor  -  September 27, 2022

With the demise of Internet Explorer (RIP), the Enterprise Mode Site list is now an essential part of any estate where you have vendor websites which are only compatible with Internet Explorer. If you have such websites, you have my sympathies, but you do have options available to you. In this post I’m going to...

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Securing Azure AD quickly and programatically

Andrew Taylor  -  September 13, 2022

I like to think of Azure AD as the front door to a house. Whilst you can have a perfectly secure wireless network configured with filtering and all of the other fun bits, if you leave the front door open, they’ll just steal your computer! This is why securing Azure AD should be the first...

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Automatically moving group members from Intune Update Rings to AutoPatch

Andrew Taylor  -  September 7, 2022

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the new AutoPatch service from Microsoft (if you haven’t, read this and watch this excellent video explaining how it works). UPDATED 07/09/2022 During activation, you will be prompted to make sure devices are not currently assigned to a current update ring, easy enough, I’ll just go and unassign...

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Unpinning the Microsoft Store using Intune

Andrew Taylor  -  August 30, 2022

The Microsoft store is a useful app, but realistically, no-one needs it pinned to the taskbar, especially on Intune managed machines where you want everyone using Company Portal. So, how do we remove it? In this post I’m going to run through the 4 different options available to you: Registry PowerShell Script Proactive Remediation Custom...

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Copying Intune Policies across tenants – Automatically!

Andrew Taylor  -  August 23, 2022

I’m sure most if not all of you have a test tenant (never test in production) for new policies, features etc. What happens when you then want to push this change out to live (or even to multiple customers)? You either have to JSON the policy and run the script, use a backup and restore...

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Creating and Using a Microsoft Dev Box

Andrew Taylor  -  August 16, 2022

Microsoft Dev Boxes have today entered Preview. If you don’t know anything about them, they are pre-configured machines to deploy to your developers with all of the software they are likely to use (and admin rights if needed). Fully secure and high performance, they meet the needs of developers without IT staff having to worry...

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Autopilot Troubleshooting Tools during ESP

Andrew Taylor  -  August 16, 2022

I love Autopilot and always use the enrollment status page (ESP), but sometimes I feel like I’m spending hours looking at the very limited updates and want to know what’s actually happening. Whilst there is the excellent log collection tool from Microsoft, that’s a snapshot and not a live view. With that in mind, I...

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Removing Bloatware from Windows 10 & 11 via script

Andrew Taylor  -  August 9, 2022

One complaint I often hear about using straight OOBE autopilot is around the bloatware, either manufacturer installed (McAfee trials anyone?) or the Microsoft stuff, after all, who needs Xbox Gaming bar on an enterprise machine? One option is to take the machine and drop on a fresh ISO, add the autopilot hash (or inject the...

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Automating Intune installations with winget and proactive remediations

Andrew Taylor  -  August 3, 2022

App installations can be such a chore, even when using an MDM like Intune, you have to package, configure the AAD groups, detection methods and everything else. Great for the optional apps, but what about the core applications which everyone needs? Surely there is a quicker way! Well, after reading the Winget updates in Rudy’s...

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Detecting which machines have which Intune applications installed via PowerShell and MS Graph

Andrew Taylor  -  July 26, 2022

One of my most popular scripts displays a list of applications and the total number of installs (amongst other things) – here A recent comment on there asked if there was any way to list the install dates as well and this got me thinking. Could I create a new script which could show exactly...

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