Microsoft AVD

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Calculator

Andrew Taylor  -  February 19, 2022

Sometimes I need to get quick AVD pricing without having to go into the depth of the Microsoft official calculator so using the Microsoft Pricing API I’ve quickly put one together: I’ve put together a quick AVD pricing calculator to grab a quick estimate pricing, it uses the MS API for the latest costs:

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Quickly (and programmatically) get Azure VM Pricing

Andrew Taylor  -  February 3, 2022

Whilst I love the Azure Pricing Calculator there are times when I need to quickly grab a VM price (on a customer call for example). In my case, I also wanted a way to grab the latest pricing within a calculation spreadsheet rather than having to go through the pricing calc GUI each time. Then...

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Building an AVD environment using Powershell, Bicep and Image Builder

Andrew Taylor  -  August 8, 2021

If you want to quickly deploy an AVD environment using the latest tools, Project Bicep and Azure Image Builder would be a good place to start. In this post I’ll run through the script I use to deploy these for both speed and ease. It has been build using POSH GUI to make it a...

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Build and Optimize your AVD image

Andrew Taylor  -  June 25, 2021

Whether you are building your AVD gold image via Image builder or configuring a virtual machine, optimizing the image and installing any pre-requisites will make the experience much better for the end users. There are many scripts available for this, in this post I’ll run through the one I have made and use. The script...

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Configuring FSLogix without GPO – Runbook (part 2)

Andrew Taylor  -  June 21, 2021

Following on from the previous post, in this one I am going to cover deploying FSLogix configuration using an Azure Automation Runbook For AVD I think of Azure Automation as Task Scheduler, only better, it is useful for a variety of tasks, for this post I will just cover the FSLogix config. First up you’ll...

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Configuring FSLogix without GPO – Intune (part 1)

Andrew Taylor  -  June 18, 2021

With Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) moving to an AAD join, using Group Policy to configure FSLogix settings will soon be seen as ‘old fashioned’ As yet there aren’t any administrative templates in Microsoft Intune for FSLogix so we need to get a bit more creative. In these posts I am going to run through...

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