Securing Azure AD quickly and programatically

Andrew Taylor  -  September 13, 2022

I like to think of Azure AD as the front door to a house. Whilst you can have a perfectly secure wireless network configured with filtering and all of the other fun bits, if you leave the front door open, they’ll just steal your computer! This is why securing Azure AD should be the first...

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Creating and Using a Microsoft Dev Box

Andrew Taylor  -  August 16, 2022

Microsoft Dev Boxes have today entered Preview. If you don’t know anything about them, they are pre-configured machines to deploy to your developers with all of the software they are likely to use (and admin rights if needed). Fully secure and high performance, they meet the needs of developers without IT staff having to worry...

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Bulk Assigning Apps and Policies in Intune

Andrew Taylor  -  April 11, 2022

Sometimes when working with an Intune environment, I find myself needing to assign all of the policies, apps etc. to a new Azure AD Group (new UAT group, changing from All Users etc.) Currently, this is a VERY manual process, clicking on each in the web portal and then assigning, but thanks to PowerShell and...

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Intune Backups – Part 1: Intune Environment

Andrew Taylor  -  March 28, 2022

For the next couple of posts I’m going to cover something close to the hearts of us all, backups! Picture the scene, someone has accidentally deleted a reasonably complex Intune policy (worse still, it’s a Custom one) and it’s critical at that. Now, obviously at this point we all fall back to the manual backup...

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Creating an Intune Azure AD Device Admins group and assigning the Privileged Identity Management Role via Powershell

Andrew Taylor  -  March 22, 2022

This post will cover how to create a new Azure PIM Eligible assignment and link it to an Azure AD group, but all done via Powershell. For Azure AD joined devices, using Privileged Identity Management and the built-in Device Administrators role you can control who has access to be a machine admin and for how...

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Creating Azure Conditional Access Policies using Powershell – Intune Compliant Devices

Andrew Taylor  -  March 16, 2022

In today’s exciting post, I’m going to create a Conditional Access policy in Azure AD to restrict cloud apps to only Intune compliant devices, using my favourite scripting language, Powershell (and we all know how much I love a good script!) As usual, the script can be found on my ever-growing GitHub here I’ll be...

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Monitoring Windows Updates Using Update Compliance

Andrew Taylor  -  March 10, 2022

Today’s post is about a Microsoft tool which is completely free and a great way of tracking Windows updates across the estate. Did I mention it’s free? If you want to read up more about it, here is the Microsoft official page. For this post, I will cover the deployment and configuration of it. Before...

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Alerting changes in Intune environment using Azure Event Hub and Azure Logic Apps

Andrew Taylor  -  March 9, 2022

Sometimes, especially in large environments, keeping track of who is making which changes within Intune can be a pain and there is always that one time where change control isn’t followed and something breaks. In this post I’m going to configure Intune to alert on Audit Logs, send to an Azure Event Hub and then...

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Creating Common Azure AD Groups for Intune – Scripted

Andrew Taylor  -  March 1, 2022

I often find myself having to create the same selection of Azure AD groups when deploying a new Intune environment and whilst the Azure Portal is easy to use, I always look to find a way to cut down how long each task takes. The more I can automate, the more I can get done...

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Quickly (and programmatically) get Azure VM Pricing

Andrew Taylor  -  February 3, 2022

Whilst I love the Azure Pricing Calculator there are times when I need to quickly grab a VM price (on a customer call for example). In my case, I also wanted a way to grab the latest pricing within a calculation spreadsheet rather than having to go through the pricing calc GUI each time. Then...

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