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Author: andrew

by andrew / on 5 October, 2021

Getting App Install Numbers from Intune (quickly)

This script is available from the powershell gallery here I often find myself being asked to quickly check how many installs of a various app and being a typical geek, logging into a web page, a few clicks and a search is more effort
by andrew / on 29 September, 2021

Getting App ID from Intune

Available from PowerShell Gallery Often when troubleshooting application installs from Intune (especially Autopilot), I find myself needing the app ID to see which particular application is failing. Whilst I can look at the web address, that involves clicking on each app in turn, and
by andrew / on 21 September, 2021

Managing apps with App-V

For anyone still using App-V 5 (and why not, it’s still supported and built-in), but feeling left out with MSIX working nicely with Company portal, here is an old app I built for Application Self-Service using App-V For this application you will need: App-V
by andrew / on 21 September, 2021

Automatically backing up user profile data with Intune

Whilst Enterprise state roaming is an excellent addition to Azure/Inune, I’ve found it doesn’t capture everything in a user profile and can lead to complaints about lost data in the event of a PC failure. Whilst we all backup when rebuilding a machine, how
by andrew / on 17 September, 2021

Automatic driver updating for Dell and HP Machines

Driver updates, always a pain! Microsoft are fixing it with the Windows Update drivers in the update rings in Intune, but until that includes Firmware as well it’s best to use the tools available. Fortunately, both Dell and HP offer utilities to update drivers
by andrew / on 14 September, 2021

DOS to Win10 on the same machine

A fun post today, with Windows 11 looming, I built a machine from DOS 6.0 all the way to Win10 using only the upgrade path, no formatting of the drive. It’s a real-time video so timings below if you want to flick through, or
by andrew / on 10 September, 2021

Creating an Intune environment using powershell

After creating some scripts to build an Azure and AVD environment, it’s time to give Intune some attention. For this one, I will be using Powershell, POSHGUI and the excellent Intune Backup and Restore script UPDATE: Now available on Powershell Gallery As usual, all
by andrew / on 8 September, 2021

Building an Azure Landing Zone with Bicep

Following on from my previous post on creating an AVD environment, for those who want to deploy AVD, it’s recommended to build an Azure landing zone first (plus if going for the Microsoft Specialty, a scripted landing zone and AVD deployment is always useful)
by andrew / on 8 August, 2021

Using Winget with custom manifests (and auto updates)

With the release of Winget, we now have another app deployment method which works nicely with Intune. At the moment building a custom Winget repo is not an easy task, but you can deploy using a custom manifest. This blog post will cover how