Andrew Taylor

I am a Cloud Architect specialising in Microsoft Modern Workplace Technologies particularly around Endpoint Management. I am also quite partial to some PowerShell scripting.

Endpoint Manager Newsletter – 20th May 2022

Andrew Taylor  -  May 20, 2022

It’s Friday which means 2 things, firstly, it’s basically the weekend (or for those of you lucky to work a 4 days week, it is the weekend) AND it’s newsletter day Time to get started with this post from Niels Kok with a nice script to grab the Autopilot hash from a machine and then...

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Intune Monitor Part 1 – Devices

Andrew Taylor  -  May 17, 2022

Welcome, in this post I’m going to look at the Monitor tools in Devices within Intune, an icon I’m sure you’ve all seen, but rarely clicked on: What lies inside these icons I hear you ask, well, it is a wealth of information covering the vast majority of settings within Intune, although it’s a bit...

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Endpoint Manager Newsletter – 13th May 2022

Andrew Taylor  -  May 13, 2022

Welcome to this weeks news from the Endpoint Manager Community. We’ll start with a link to all of the videos from the recent Endpoint Management Summit. If you couldn’t attend, or just want a recap, the video below is for the intro but from there you can navigate to the rest of the videos. A...

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Checking Windows 11 Compatibility with Intune and then deploying with a feature update

Andrew Taylor  -  May 12, 2022

Windows 11 has been out a while now and I’m sure most of you have been testing and are nearing the point of looking at deploying to your userbase. As we all know, however, the requirements are a lot stricter than they were for Windows 10 (or even 7) so you may find yourselves needing...

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Managing Admin Access with Azure AD Joined devices

Andrew Taylor  -  May 10, 2022

Greetings one and all. For this post I’m going to review the various options available today for managing Azure AD Joined devices with admin rights. This isn’t looking at it from the users perspective, I don’t believe there are any circumstances where a user requires admin access on a corporate device, I’m looking at this...

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Endpoint Manager Newsletter – 6th May 2022

Andrew Taylor  -  May 6, 2022

Welcome one and all to this weeks Endpoint Manager Newsletter, let’s see what awaits… First up, we have a very thorough post from Rudy Ooms covering how to get all of your Firewall policies into Intune without having to manually create in the GUI Next up, Moe Kinani has a very useful script to remove...

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Using Intune to customise the Start Menu on Windows 10 and Windows 11

Andrew Taylor  -  May 3, 2022

I’m sure most of you are now either moving to or considering a switch to Windows 11 and want to configure the start menu the same as on Windows 10. I’m sure you’ve also noticed that the method to configure it has changed so the previous policies won’t be working. In this post I’ll run...

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EndPoint Manager Newsletter – 29th April 2022

Andrew Taylor  -  April 29, 2022

Welcome Intune enthusiasts to my weekly roundup of the exciting news and posts across the community. As always, get in touch if you think I’m missing anything and feel free to subscribe to the newsletter to have these hand delivered to your mailbox (maybe not quite by hand) In no particular order: We start with...

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Intune Group Tags, Scope Tags – What are they and why do I need them?

Andrew Taylor  -  April 26, 2022

Picture the scene, you have a large organisation (or possibly multiple large organisations) and many little silos within, each has their own IT department and traditionally they all did their own thing with imaging, app deployment, probably via a delegated OU in active directory. Now you want to go cloud native, but the idea of...

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Endpoint Manager Newsletter – 22nd April 2022

Andrew Taylor  -  April 22, 2022

Welcome to another exciting (and busy) weekly newsletter with my highlights from the community from this week. It’s been a busy week as well, thanks to everyone working hard to create this excellent content. As usual, these are in no particular order: First up we have this post from Mattias Melkersen on enrolling Teams Rooms...

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