Comparing Package Managers

Andrew Taylor  -  February 24, 2022

Packaging, deploying and updating applications can be hugely time consuming, especially when trying to keep on top of the latest zero-day exploit in your apps (I’m looking at you Chrome!) Fortunately there are now a handful of package managers available to take away this pain, especially useful when you have multiple customers with largely the...

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Finding devices (and details) assigned to a user in Intune

Andrew Taylor  -  December 22, 2021

I often find myself looking in Intune to find a PC name of a machine assigned to a user (it saves having to deploy bginfo or similar), but as with many of my scripts, I like to find a quicker and easier way of doing it. This one is available both on github and Powershell...

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Windows 11 Intune Updates

Andrew Taylor  -  October 30, 2021

Windows 11 is here and it’s time to start preparing for deployments and management. I have now updated my build environment to include some Windows 11 specific tweaks which I will outline below. To use my base environment you can use the script from powershell gallery or grab directly from github here The first change...

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DOS to Win10 on the same machine

Andrew Taylor  -  September 14, 2021

A fun post today, with Windows 11 looming, I built a machine from DOS 6.0 all the way to Win10 using only the upgrade path, no formatting of the drive. It’s a real-time video so timings below if you want to flick through, or watch from the start if you suffer from insomnia MS-DOS –...

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