Endpoint Manager Newsletter – 5th August 2022

Welcome everyone to this weeks digest of all of the excellent content from the Intune community. I’m sure these are growing every week which is incredible to see. Thanks to everyone creating content!

Community Content

We start this week with this post from Damien Van Robaeys with the next part in a series looking at Log Analytics. This is part 3 so if you haven’t read the others, I’d start with those first!


This post from Dujon Walsham (part 3 in the current series) starts to look at SCCM and Co-Management for manging Windows 11 devices. I’d recommend reading the other two parts if you haven’t already done so.


In this post from Simon Skotheimsvik, you can see how to use Azure AD fields to pin-point staff members via a simple Bing search.


Next we have four posts from Jitesh Kumar, the first is a full configuration of autopatch including a tip on how to obtain a 30-day trial to test it.


For those of you using Security Baselines, you will no-doubt have noticed that when an update is released, they become read-only. Follow this guide on how to update to the latest versions.


The third post covers using the Intune Device Configuration report to grab an output of all policies applied to a particular device.


And this post shows how to use Attack Surface Reduction Rules to block vulnerable drivers


If you have to support any MacOS devices, this tutorial from Ramal Abeysekera will show you how to use Intune to deploy Defender for Endpoint to the devices


This post from Katy Nicholson gives an excellent run-through of all things app protection, how they work, how to deploy them and even what the end user experience is like.


Next, Jonas Bøgvad gives a run-down on all of the available security baselines with Intune


We all love a bit of MS Graph, this post from Marius Muntean has a script to grab the device model for iOS managed devices


I have and love Windows 11, but still haven’t fallen in love with the context menu. Prajwal Desai has instructions on here on how to bring the old menu back (and you could always powershell it for large deployments)


If you are looking to test the new Temporary Access Pass, have a look at this post from Rahul Jindal looking at using it for PIN Recovery, how to configure it and what could go wrong


Now we have two posts from Jannik Reinhard. The first is a very thorough look at the Management Extension which everyone who deals with Intune should learn about.


The second post is the third part of a series looking at using Cognitive Services to catch a variety of errors in the estate. This part grabs details of BSOD and posts to Teams.


We’re in for a treat this week with three posts from Michael Niehaus with a real deep-dive into Autopilot.

We start with looking at how the Autopilot hash can now remediate following a hardware replacement


This post shows exactly what happens when you upload a hardware hash with some lovely fiddler logs.


And this one takes the hash apart into Base64 to show exactly what is in it.


If you want to learn more about the new Azure AD extension attributes and how to use them in filters, read this post from Scott Duffey


This post from Patrick Gruenauer demonstrates using invoke-command in PowerShell and Winget to deploy applications to remote machines


This excellent video from Tony Cocks shows how the new Autopatch service works.


If you are rolling out a lot of new machines and want to report on their enrollment, follow this guide from Niels Kok to automate a report into Microsoft Teams

In another investigation from Rudy Ooms, this one looks at the exit code on application detection methods.

If you have purchased licensing for Remote Help from Microsoft, read this post from Robin Hobo on how to configure and deploy it.

Next we have a nice guide from Benoit Lecours covering options around importing devices into Autopilot

The Intune Certificate Connector prior to 6.2101.13.0 is now EOL. If you have a version which needs updating, read this guide from Joymalya Basu Roy

If you are just starting on your Intune journey, I’d suggest reading this post from Dean Ellerby with a full end-end guide for deploying Autopilot


Ugur Koc has released a new post using Powerautomate to create a daily Intune report, very useful to spot any unplanned changes or a sudden surge in new or deleted devices

If you work in Education (or have customers who do), check out this post from Florian Salzmann covering the deployment of Worksheet Crafter via Intune


Updating apps installed by users via Company Portal is often an issue. This thorough post from Alex Ø. T. Hansen shows how to use a custom requirements script to solve the problem

On the subject of app deployment, this script from Mick Pletcher will quickly find the uninstall command for an application from the registry


Also from Mick and Harjit (in the videos below), a good podcast if, like me, you’re into all things Powershell. This is the latest episode on Security, but I would recommend giving them all a listen


As you may have heard, WIP (Windows Information Protection) is being retired, so where do we go from here? Niels Scheffers has you covered with this informative post looking at the options

The first of this weeks video content is a new in-depth guide on Autopatch from Pinnacle award winning John Savill, his videos are always worth a watch and this is no exception

To finish off the community content, some more excellent videos from Anoop Nair and Harjit Dhaliwal. If you haven’t subscribed to the channel, go and do so!

The first looks at using the excellent Graph X-Ray browser extension to grab PowerShell scripts uploaded into Intune

The second video looks at the Windows 11 Onboarding kit (linked in the Microsoft content below)

Microsoft Content

Now onto the Microsoft content from this week.

First, as mentioned above, there are a couple of new kits, one for Windows 11 onboarding and a complete Windows 11 / Office 365 lab kit. These are extremely useful for building full test labs.


This one is pretty important, if you have Azure AD Connect 1.6, you need to upgrade it to 2.0 by the end of the month


Ignite has been announced, save the date below


Whilst not strictly Intune related, I’m sure everyone has exams to do. Have a read about the exam readiness tool here


Another new feature, Safeguard holds in Windows Update for Business, worth a read:


The latest Intune What’s New, always worth a browse


And finally if you have surface devices, you can now create a support ticket within the surface management portal


That’s it for this week, any recommendations for content I may have missed, or for inclusion in future editions, add a comment, or message me on LinkedIn

Have a great weekend!

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