Enabling and Deploying Remote Help – Automated!

Remote Help is a feature of the new Intune Suite, but if you look at the onboarding documentation, it is a bit long-winded, you need to enable your tenant and then download, package and deploy the application itself.

I then came across this post from Aresh Sarkari which covers the onboarding and thought why not combine this will the steps to package and deploy the app (fortunately largely using a codebase I’d already written)

And here it is on GitHub

Or on the PowerShell Gallery

Install-Script -Name enable-and-deploy-remoteHelp

The script:

  • Enables RemoteHelp
  • Downloads the intunewinapputil
  • Downloads the latest version of RemoteHelp
  • Creates install, uninstall and detection scripts
  • Creates Install and Uninstall AAD Groups
  • Packages the intunewin
  • Deploys to Intune with the commands set
  • Assigns the groups

That should make onboarding easier!

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