Intune Newsletter – 31st March 2023

Welcome again to this weeks newsletter and can you believe it’s nearly April!!

You haven’t come here to read my weather related discussions, so on with the content!

Community Content

We start this week with a public website from Trevor Jones to redirect any users from Software Centre over to company portal. If you’re using Config Manager, this is worth checking out!

A second post from Trevor (and the first of a 2-part series) using HP Image Assistant to report on your out-of-date drivers

And the second part showing how you can use this data to update the drivers

This post from Niklas Tinner shows how you can utilise the custom device attributes to block specific devices in Conditional Access, useful for any kiosk style devices you may have

Next, Jonas Bøgvad looks at how you can use AAD password policy and Conditional access to force your users to only use passwordless sign-in

Whilst on the subject of Conditional Access, the latest in the series from Paul Winstanley and Mike Marable is now out, this one looking at User Risk policies and how to force a password change for your high risk users

As I’m sure you’ve heard, Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) is now in public preview (and free until GA). We have a number of posts looking at it this week, starting with this from Jannik Reinhard

Fabrizio Gobeli also looks at the process and end-user experience here

Another post on the subject, this from Joost Gelijsteen

It’s certainly been a popular topic, another first look, this one from Sandy Zeng

Another EPM post, this one from Niklas Rast

Niklas also has this run through of packaging apps using MSIX

This post from Ola Ström looks at the Intune Suite as a whole including the licensing requirements

Next, we have three posts from Jitesh Kumar, the first with a look at all of the new features in the 2303 Intune release

Jitesh’s second post gives a deep dive into one of these features, the new device experience

The third post looks at the Intune Suite Roadmap from the recent security event

Traditionally if there was an acquisition or merger, you would need to migrate one into the other. Fortunately there is now cross-tenant synchronisation to make things slightly easier. Read this post from Damien Bowden to find out more

We all know how much I enjoy a good proactive remediation, but as with all admins, I’d rather not have to login to a portal to keep an eye on things. This post/script from Gannon Novak will show how you can receive Teams alerts if your script fails

Thiago Beier has put together a guide to create a Sharepoint list of devices uploaded to Autopilot and their status

Another script from Thiago, this one also notifies a Teams channel when a device is imported into Autopilot

Sune Thomsen has released part four of the Windows 365 tips and tricks series, this time looking at the Windows app and the reporting available within Intune

An in-depth post from Peter van der Woude looking at WDAC and how you can use it in audit mode to review events within Log Analytics. Read on to find out how to deploy it to your environment

The latest Winget build includes a preview PowerShell module which Harm Veenstra tests in this post

Have you ever considered that going Win365 might be more sustainable? Doug Petrole looks at the environmental credentials here

If you’re using Group Tags with Autopilot and want to be alerted if there are any devices without a tag, have a look at this post/script from Niels Kok

Michael Niehaus has built a new tool to download and create a Windows ISO with the latest versions available directly from Microsoft, think of it as the media creation tool, but better

This second post from Michael shows what’s going on underneath the GUI

Browser notifications feel like the new toolbars at times! Learn how to block them in this post from Prajwal Desai

You may have noticed some issues last week with users failing to pass conditional access policies as their location was listed as Uzbekistan. To find out what happened, read this post from Eric Woodruff

There have been a few users reporting issues with Autopilot and Infineon TPM chips. Rudy Ooms has gone digging through logs to find out what is going on

Another new feature of Remote Help in the Intune suite is the Service-Now integration. To see how it works and set it up yourself, follow this guide from Somesh Pathak

For anyone looking at Windows 365, have a look at Thomas Marcussen‘s top 10 reasons why you should use it

Video Content

Now onto the video content with yet more content on EPM.

We start with three videos from Dean Ellerby, first looking at the Elevation Settings within EPM

And then Dean looks at the Elevation Rules

Dean’s third post gives a quick run-through of exactly what is currently included in the Intune Suite

The latest Intune.Training video is out and guest presented by Matt Call, along with Adam Gross, Steven Hosking and Lavanya Lakshman with an in-depth look at…EPM

Another look at EPM, this one from Andrew Jones

Next, we have two videos from Andy Malone, starting with a quick look at M365 licensing

Andy’s second video runs through some very useful features in Azure Active Directory which you may not know about

This video from Anoop Nair and Kannan CS looks at Autopilot from a pre-sales perspective

Nick Ross looks at the latest features in the March M365 update in this video

Microsoft Content

Now onto the Microsoft content, starting with a look at the new devices experience from Yvette O’Meally

A look at what’s new in 2303 from Ramya Chitrakar

Find out the different ways to remove windows updates via Intune in this article from Aria Carley

The latest skilling snack from Chris Morrissey looks at the monthly Windows updates process

The final content this week comes from Matt Shadbolt and shows how to add additional Azure Network Connections to your Windows 365 devices

That’s it for this week, have a fantastic weekend!

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