Intune Newsletter – 18th August 2023

It’s still holiday time for many, but we still have plenty of excellent content coming from the Intune community!

Community Content

The first post this week comes from Rahul Jindal and looks at how you can use Settings Catalog to stop users from running certain applications

Niklas Tinner has released part two of the series looking at RBAC with Intune and some day-to-day uses

The 2307 release allows users to reset their own Windows 365 cloud PCs. To find out how to enable this functionality, read this post from Jitesh Kumar

A second post from Jitesh showing how to block users from installing apps from the store or using Winget with the new policy (covered below in the Microsoft content)

You can now use remote help during OOBE, a very welcome addition! Find out how to enable and use it here from Vidya M A

Somesh Pathak has gone down the Android rabbit hole investigating random soft reboots in Project Mainline. Well worth a read

Microsoft Entra Dynamic groups now include a new field for Employee Hire Date. Find out how this could be useful for you in this post from Jonas Bøgvad

This post from Niels Kok is one I will be using myself, a quick script to remove the OneDrive Personal icon and leave just the company one.


Next, Lewis Barry looks at everything around Company portal, how to deploy it, how to use it and how to package apps for it.


Windows 365 boot is a useful addition, especially when combined with a frontline license. This post from Michael Meier runs through the deployment and use of it

Jannik Reinhard has released an update to the excellent group assignment script which will quickly tell you everything you have assigned to a particular Group

This post from René Laas shows how to send an email to a manager with a list of devices due for retirement within Intune

Next, Prajwal Desai runs through enabling location redirection within Windows 365 so the location matches where you are, not where the virtual machine is

This thorough post from Jeffrey Appel runs through useful troubleshooting for MDE Live response

Florian Salzmann has released the next part of the getting started with Intune series, this time looking at naming conventions

Next, Rudy Ooms looks at what happens when the Autopilot profile downloads to your machine

This post from Niklas Rast looks at WDAC and how you can use it to restrict software installs

Ola Ström looks at and tests Windows 365 switch in this post

This post from Gannon Novak looks at what happens when you hybrid join a device

Video Content

Now onto the video content starting with the latest Tackling Tech with Harjit Dhaliwal and Jay Simmons looking at Windows LAPS

This video from Anoop Nair looks at the new Microsoft PC Manager v3 in beta

The first step to using Intune is to configure enrollment. This latest video from Dean Ellerby runs through setting your environment up

A second video from Dean this week showing how to create a Windows ISO with the Autopilot JSON included

Following on from the excellent blog posts, Niall Brady and Paul Winstanley have released a video demonstrating Windows 365 boot

This video from Dean Cefola looks at the new Windows 365 Switch functionality

Niklas Tinner and Shehan Perera discuss Microsoft Defender Smart Screen

This video from John Savill looks at how to use the new Protected Actions functionality in Microsoft Entra

Next, a look at what’s new in Intune 2306 and 2307 released with Nickolaj Andersen and Mattias Melkersen Kalvåg

The latest Intune.Training video is here featuring Adam Gross and Steven Hosking. This one looks at Entra Global Secure Access

Microsoft Content

Looking at the news from Microsoft, starting with a new (or possibly renamed) policy setting to block your users from installing apps from Microsoft store or Winget without blocking the update of existing applications. This should work better than the “Require Private Store” option recommended previously

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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