Intune Newsletter – 1st September 2023

Happy September, this year is absolutely flying by. I don’t know how things are around you, but the shops are already stocking Christmas decorations here! I love Christmas, but even I think it’s a bit soon!!

Whilst it’s been a 4-day week over here in England, the content is still coming in thick and fast!

To those of you attending the Modern Endpoint Management summit in Paris next week, safe travels and I look forward to seeing you there.

Community Content

We start this week with a look at what can happen when deleting filters using Graph and how to avoid issue from Jose Schenardie

Whilst the in-built reporting keeps improving in Intune, Update for Business Reporting is well worth configuring for additional details (and it’s free). If you haven’t deployed it yet, follow this guide from Marc-Andre Chartrand

Many environments don’t use the full abilities of Intune RBAC to manage admin permissions. This post from Niklas Rast runs through how to configure it

Some excellent new capabilities have been released for Defender for Endpoint on Linux devices to make it truly cross-platform. Find out more in this post from Thomas Verheyden

Ben Whitmore has created an excellent script and description to retrieve and translate the Win32 response codes on a device

This post from Michael Meier looks at the new Windows 365 switch functionality, how to enable it and how it works

Peter van der Woude also looks at Windows 365 switch here

For those of your running a co-managed environment, this post from Michael Niehaus demonstrates how to run an SCCM task sequence during Autopilot

Next, Jitesh Kumar looks at the Win32 Installation Time functionality added in the 2308 release

Prajwal Desai also runs through using the new Installation Time here

Another reasonably new feature is the ability to deploy drivers with more granular control compared to the previous all or nothing approach. Find out how here with Manish Bangia

If you are considering Windows 365 but struggling to make a business case, this post from Thomas Marcussen may help

Next, Octavio Rodríguez shows how to use Intune to create a new local account and then use LAPS to manage it (link translated to English)

If you are looking to migrate your devices from Hybrid to pure AAD/Entra joined, this very thorough post from Andrew Jones is well worth checking out

The latest deep dive from Rudy Ooms is here, looking at Azure Attestation

Find out how to add a watermark onto your AVD machines in this post from Aresh Sarkari

If you have already deployed Windows Hello for Business to your devices, but now want to remove that as an option, check out this post from Gannon Novak

This post from Rahul Jindal covers the different Entra Group membership options and how they run

Video Content

Now onto the video content starting with the latest video from Matt Call looking at all things Bitlocker

This video from Dean Ellerby tests to see if Filevault works with macOS and Intune

The latest unpacking endpoint management is out, this time featuring Steve Thomas and Danny Guillory Jr with guests Ronni Pedersen, Aasawari Navathe, Tim Mangan and Peter van der Woude looking at migrating to Intune

The first of the revamped Intune.Training video is out with Adam Gross and Steven Hosking giving an introduction to Intune

Find out how to set your Enrollment Status Page up correctly in this video from Dean Ellerby and some things to watch out for

Next up, the latest tackling tech featuring Harjit Dhaliwal and Justin Ong where they look at the Microsoft Tech Community

Learn all about macOS Restriction policies in Intune here with Snehasis Pani

This video from Jitesh Kumar runs through the new features in the 2308 release

Microsoft Content

Onto the Microsoft content with an important save the date. 14th September is the next Intune Tech Community Live event. RSVP here and find out more from Rachelle Blanchard

If you are managing macOS devices with JAMF, this support tip from the Intune Support Team will help you transition from Jamf Conditional access to Intune Device Compliance

Group Policy Analytics is now generally available. Learn all about it here with Aasawari Navathe

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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