Intune Newsletter – 8th September 2023

Welcome everyone to the post summit newsletter. I hope that everyone who visited had a great time and hopefully are safely back home. The content has not stopped coming though, still plenty for you to read!

Community Content

We start this week with a look at quiet time policies for your Android and iOS/iPadOS devices and how to configure them for each from Prajwal Desai

Next, Florian Salzmann shows how to configure and use an App Registration to use when adding devices to Autopilot

A Dev box is a useful way to give developers and power users their own cloud machine without risking giving them too much access. This post from Dominiek Verham runs through how to configure one

Shared devices are a fairly new addition for Windows 11 (although they’ve been around for years for Windows 10). If you are looking at deploying them, follow this comprehensive guide from Simon Skotheimsvik which runs through the whole configuration

Intune 2308 included the exciting release of Remote Help for Android so now you no longer need to rely on third party products! Here, Peter van der Woude looks at how to configure it, deploy it and how it looks in action.

The latest investigation from Rudy Ooms looks at the upcoming ConfigRefresh task to re-apply Intune settings to devices without requiring a check-in

The latest Log Analytics script from Damien Van Robaeys is here, this one sends the contents of the Discovered Apps report through to your Log Analytics Workbook

Ugur Koc has released a new Remediation for Windows and Shell Script for macOS to deploy Canary Tokens to your devices for monitoring unexpected data access

If you are still using Config Manager to manage your devices, follow this guide from Benoit Lecours to upgrade your machines to Windows 11 22H2

Harm Veenstra has released a new script to retrieve not only the primary user of a device, but also all of the users who have ever logged in

Next, we have two posts from Shehan Perera starting a new series on Autopatch, firstly planning to implement

The second post covers setting up the pre-requisites

Have a look at the new Windows 365 Frontline report here with Aresh Sarkari

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with two from Dean Ellerby. The first is looking at how to configure MFA properly and why not to use Per-User MFA

Dean’s second video looks at the often confusing Intune Connector and in which situations you need it

Next, Chander Mani Pandey, looks at Intune Patching Compliance Reporting

Find out what’s new in the 2309 release with Nickolaj Andersen and Mattias Melkersen KalvĂ„g

This video from Andy Malone will help you get started with Intune

We have the second part of the Intune.Training reboot showing the end-to-end Intune setup. This one covers signing up to your tenant with Adam Gross and Steven Hosking

This video from Niklas Tinner covers deploying Windows LAPS and Intune

Microsoft Content

Intune is ending support for device administrator on Google Mobile Services devices in August 2024 so time to start migrating

A very useful support tip from Juanita Baptiste on how to migrate Autopilot devices between tenants

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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