Intune Newsletter – 15th September 2023

Another week goes by, although you’d struggle to believe it’s September in this weather! Fortunately the heat has not put off this community with the content charging through.

Community Content

The first post this week comes from Pim Jacobs and shows how you can use Intune to completely hide the option to use a password to login and push your users to passwordless authentication

If you are using Windows 365, the alerts have now gone GA and if you are not using them already, they are definitely worth implementing. Find out how in this post from Dominiek Verham

We have all been in the position where we need to rapidly reset the LAPS password across multiple devices. Currently in the GUI it is one at a time, but fortunately Tom Machado has put together this script for bulk resets using Graph

Following on from the previous post looking at AADJ machines (well worth checking out), Michael Niehaus has now covered how to run a task sequence on HAADJ machines during the Autopilot process

A second post from Michael this week, this one looking at the SCCM bulk registration token and what’s going on underneath

A third post from Michael is one which is going to be particularly useful for me, how to add user interaction during OOBE to send keypresses, switch between windows etc.

Find out the easiest way to stop your users from accessing the store in this post from Peter van der Woude

For anyone migrating to MDE from Sophos, this post and script from Rahul Jindal should help considerably

Michael Meier has created a new script/app which leverages OSDCloud to build an autopilot joined machine using USB. Find out more here

Next, a must read from Jannik Reinhard with an AI powered Intune Device Troubleshooting tool where you can use plain language to query your Intune device status

Learn how to deploy SentinelOne the proper way using Intune in this post from Gannon Novak

This next post from Timmy Andersson troubleshoots and resolves an error when using Zebra update deployments

A short post from Niklas Tinner showing how to use Graph to bulk rename Autopilot devices

If you have HP devices which you need to schedule power on and off, have a look at these scripts from Gary Blok

Next, a short but useful script from J├Ârgen Nilsson to fully remove personal teams from your devices

Should you want to deploy a custom screensaver using Intune, this post from Prajwal Desai should help you along

This post from Rudy Ooms looks at the Declarative Device Management and how it will change the way Intune manages policies on devices going forward.

Learn how to add SharePoint libraries directly onto devices using Intune with this post from Niklas Rast

This post and script from Nick Benton will help you migrate your firewall policies to a newer modern approach within Intune

If you are looking at deploying MDE, or even just want to check you have done so correctly, have a read of this post from Jeffrey Appel

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with a demonstration on how to correctly configure your Hyper-V VMs for Autopilot testing with Dean Ellerby

A second post from Dean, test-driving the AI troubleshooting tool from Jannik above

The latest Intune.Training Reboot video is live now, showing how to brand your Entra and Intune config when logging in and using your Autopilot built device with Adam Gross and Steven Hosking

Now for four full hours of Microsoft AMA goodness! We start with reporting and analytics featuring Lavanya Lakshman, David Alessi and Zach Dvorak

The next AMA looks at device troubleshooting. This one features Dave Randall, Joe Lurie, Liz Cox and Zineb Takafi

Next, in this Lord of the Rings style epic of entertainment, we look at Apple management with Intune, featuring Tyler Castaldo, Arnab Biswas and Andy Cerat

The final part of this extravaganza is a full guide to the adoption of Intune and this one features Joe Lurie, Perla Morales, Jon Callahan and Neil Johnson–Ej62_tA

Microsoft Content

I’m sure you haven’t missed the announcement of iOS 17. Fortunately the Intune support team are on top of it and have updated the SDK to support it

That’s it for this week, have an amazing weekend!

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