Intune Newsletter – 29th March 2024

Welcome all to this weeks Intune Newsletter on an early Easter weekend which does mean an extra long weekend for me!

Community Content

We start this week with a look at the new Declarative Device Management functionality for your Apple devices from Thomas Marcussen

With Windows 10 EOL looming, Nick Benton runs through how to create a Win11 readiness report using Graph in this first part of a new series

Learn how to use Intune Cloud PKI with your own CA in this post from Peter van der Woude

We now have two posts from Rahul Jindal looking at Apple SSO, starting with configuring SSO for iOS using Settings Catalog

Then moving on to configuring it for macOS devices

Michael Niehaus looks at some of the interesting Autopilot discussions from the last week here

For those of you running SCCM, this script from Timmy Andersson will export and import your PowerShell Run Scripts

Manish Bangia shows how to use Regex in your dynamic group queries in this post

If you want to audit your end-user devices to ensure they are meeting your baselines, try this script from Simon Hartmann Eriksen which deploys and runs HardeningKitty on your endpoints via Intune

Next, Michael Meier looks at all things EPM, configuring it and the end user experience for all of the options including the new Support Approved setting

Joost Gelijsteen also looks at EPM, concentrating on the Support Approved option including the end-user experience and what’s happening on the device

A big talking point this week, enrolling devices with a fake JSON file. Maurice Daly and Sandy Zeng look at the risks and suggestions on ensuring a secure environment

If you want a deep dive into support approved EPM, find a Rudy Ooms special here

If you are using the Intune App Factory and hitting a permissions error, Nickolaj Andersen has the fix here

Looking to get started with Cloud PKI to manage your certs? Follow this guide from Torbjorn (Mr T-Bone) Granheden

Whether you want to block or fully manage the new Outlook client, this post from Florian Salzmann has you covered

Next, Nicklas Olsen looks at the new Config Refresh functionality, how it works and how to pause it

Andy Jones starts a new series on automatic device onboarding with Power Automate in this comprehensive post

There are new settings in the Entra portal covering Admin rights which are well worth checking in your tenants. You can find out more in this post from Rudy Ooms

If you want to automate it, check out this post from Daniel Bradley

Video Content

Now onto the video content starting with two MVP summit conversations from Dean Ellerby. These two feature Daniel McLoughlin and James Robinson

We have the latest Unpacking Endpoint Management video featuring Steve Thomas, Emily Blundo, Danny Guillory Jr, Rachelle Blanchard and Sarahzin Shane. This episode covers data protection, security and a bit of AI

Next, we have three videos from Steve Weiner, the first is the latest part of the cloud native series covering securing your cloud native devices and a zero trust approach

Steve also looks at the Autopilot JSON injection issue and how to protect against it

Steve also starts a new set of videos looking at recipes in the Microsoft Intune cookbook (available at all good bookshops!), starting with your Windows update rings

We now have the next Windows in the Cloud AMA featuring Ben Murphy, Abe Pineda, Anusha Reddy and Doug Coombs. This one covers reporting, monitoring and insights

The latest video has arrived and covers personal iOS device enrollment with Adam Gross and Steven Hosking

Microsoft Content

Now for the Microsoft news and announcements from this week, starting with the ability to expedite non-security updates in Intune. Find out more here from Surabhi Calla

Onboarding into MDE just became a whole lot easier. Learn more in this article from Laura Arrizza

With Ramya’s exciting move to the Defender team, the what’s new in the latest Intune release this week comes from Scott Sawyer and you can find it here

The latest skilling snack is here and looks at all things Copilot for Windows from Rama Shastri

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!

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