Intune Newsletter – 19th April 2024

Welcome to this end-of-summit special. I hope everyone who attended the MEM summit found it as useful as I have and very safe travels home. There has still been plenty of content produced alongside the sessions so if you couldn’t make it, we still have you covered here!

Community Content

We start this week with a very useful post from Jan Mulder. If you’ve accidentally deleted an Autopatch update ring (I know I have), this guide will show you how to repair it

If you want to create an autopilot style enrollment for your macOS devices, check out this solution from Somesh Pathak using swiftDialog

You can now use Graph APIs for Windows 365 machines to automate all of the things!!! Learn how to automate your day-to-day tasks using Graph and Azure automation here with Dominiek Verham

Next, Jon Towles looks at all things patching for your Windows devices, including WUfB, Autopatch and the all-important monitoring and reporting

Joey Verlinden has re-created the Conditional Access Framework policies, these are an excellent baseline to secure your new tenant

If you’re running Lenovo devices, this script from Philip Jorgensen uses Winget and the System Update tool to automate your driver updates

Learn how to not only configure your Dell BIOS using Intune, but also retrieve BIOS passwords using Graph in this post from J├Ârgen Nilsson

Curtis Cannon also looks at configuring Dell BIOS via Intune

If you’re using the excellent scripts from Michael Niehaus, you can find the instructions to pack any of them as Win32 apps here

If you are looking at using Intune for Android devices, the number of different enrollment options can be overwhelming. This post from Timmy Andersson runs through the different options and what they all offer.

If you need to turn off network notifications, have a look at this guide from Peter van der Woude, but take notice of the warning!

You may have noticed that MDE tags don’t follow Intune tags and are another manual effort. Michael Meier has a post here to automatically assign MDE tags based on information within Intune and Entra using a function app!

I’ve been giving Copilot for Security a thorough test in my tenant and I suggest you do the same. The amazing Microsoft team behind it need our feedback! To add it to your tenant without the large bills, have a read of this post from Simon Skotheimsvik

Simon has also discovered a secret double click within the devices blade, find out more here

Device bound passkeys are here for even better security. Learn all about them and how to configure them in this comprehensive post from Jan Bakker

If you want to save money on your AVD personal host pools, this Terraform script from Johan Vanneuville will scale your machines to cut costs

Joymalya Basu Roy has released an excellent script to check device connectivity before launching Autopilot

Next, Nicklas Olsen runs through how to configure and use Remote Help

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with four videos from Steven Weiner. The first covers migrating your on-prem GPOs into Intune

Steve’s second video uses PowerShell and Log Analytics to create more powerful Intune reports

The third video covers Security Copilot for Intune, what it includes and how to use it.

Steve then runs through some top questions from previous videos including answering them for you all

We also have the latest Windows in the Cloud AMA, this one covers Azure Stack HCI with Christian Montoya, Kushmeen Kambow and Steve Downs

Next, we have the latest Intune.Training video from Adam Gross and Steven Hosking which looks at getting started with your first tenant.

That’s it for this week, have an amazing weekend!

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