Understanding custom Intune compliance policies

A new feature within Intune, currently in Preview is the ability to create a custom compliance policy to give a bit more granular control over what is allowed to connect. You could require certain apps to be installed (or not installed), a minimum BIOS version, or a particular service needs to be running. If it … Read more

Endpoint Manager Newsletter – 10th June 2022

Welcome to another bumper newsletter covering the excellent work from the Endpoint Manager community (and quite a few announcements from Microsoft) So, let’s get started and this week we have 3 posts from Rudy Ooms (plus a video later)! The first of which is looking at the various options to protect against the Follina CVE … Read more

Intune Monitor – Part 2 – Apps

Following on from Part 1 where I looked at Intune Monitor in the Devices Blade, now we can look at the same within the Apps Blade App Licenses This first option looks at any Microsoft Store, Managed Google Play Store, or Apple App Store applications. It can see how many licenses have been purchased for … Read more