Unpinning the Microsoft Store using Intune

The Microsoft store is a useful app, but realistically, no-one needs it pinned to the taskbar, especially on Intune managed machines where you want everyone using Company Portal. So, how do we remove it? In this post I’m going to run through the 4 different options available to you: Registry PowerShell Script Proactive Remediation Custom … Read more

Endpoint Manager Newsletter – 26th August 2022

Welcome everyone to this weeks Endpoint Manager newsletter with another feast of content for you to enjoy. Community Content We start this week with a post from Manish Bangia with a thorough look at the difference between MDM and MAM enrollment. https://www.manishbangia.com/mdm-user-scope-vs-mam-user-scope/ Next, we have two posts from Jannik Reinhard, the first uses Automation runbooks … Read more

Endpoint Manager Newsletter – 19th August 2022

Community Content We start this week with an excellent look at Autpatch from Katy Nicholson, not only looking at implementing, but the requirements and the various groups and policies it creates. https://katystech.blog/mem/windows-autopatch Next, we have two posts from Michael Niehaus, the first looking at different firmware versions and why they vary across devices. https://oofhours.com/2022/08/12/fun-with-tpm-firmware-version-numbers/ For … Read more

Creating and Using a Microsoft Dev Box

Microsoft Dev Boxes have today entered Preview. If you don’t know anything about them, they are pre-configured machines to deploy to your developers with all of the software they are likely to use (and admin rights if needed). Fully secure and high performance, they meet the needs of developers without IT staff having to worry … Read more

Autopilot Troubleshooting Tools during ESP

I love Autopilot and always use the enrollment status page (ESP), but sometimes I feel like I’m spending hours looking at the very limited updates and want to know what’s actually happening. Whilst there is the excellent log collection tool from Microsoft, that’s a snapshot and not a live view. With that in mind, I … Read more

Removing Bloatware from Windows 10 & 11 via script

Updated May 2023 – The script is now multi-language so can be deployed to an OS in any Windows supported language and should work the same Update – The script is now code signed for extra security One complaint I often hear about using straight OOBE autopilot is around the bloatware, either manufacturer installed (McAfee … Read more