Intune Newsletter – 12th April 2024

Community Content We start this week with a useful automation for those of you running Lenovo devices from Damien Van Robaeys. This script will export the BIOS status of your devices and report if they need an update We are all used to update rings for our Windows devices, but what about those running … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 29th March 2024

Welcome all to this weeks Intune Newsletter on an early Easter weekend which does mean an extra long weekend for me! Community Content We start this week with a look at the new Declarative Device Management functionality for your Apple devices from Thomas Marcussen With Windows 10 EOL looming, Nick Benton runs through how … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 22nd March 2024

Welcome back to the post MVP Summit newsletter and a Tech Community Live special with four videos from Microsoft below! Community Content We start with a very useful bash script from Somesh Pathak to remind your macOS users to restart their devices and then eventually forcing a reboot. Next, Peter van der Woude runs … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 15th March 2024

Happy Friday! This weeks MVP Summit special newsletter comes to you directly from Microsoft HQ in Redmond and due to the joys of jet-lag have been written at some wild times in the mornings! I have met many fantastic people this week both from the community and from Microsoft, thanks to everyone involved. Community Content … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 8th March 2024

Welcome to the pre-MVP summit newsletter, tomorrow I am off to Microsoft HQ to join other MVPs for our yearly get-together. Next week’s edition may be delayed as I will probably be either mid-air or jet-lagged. For everyone attending, looking forward to seeing you there! Community Content If you’re having problems with Autopilot devices adding … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 1st March 2024

Welcome to March, hopefully the start of Spring and some slightly warmer weather! Congratulations to all of the new MVPs announced today as well. Community Content We start this week with the 5th installment of the MDE series from Salona Sahni, this one covers offboarding devices using Intune And also part 6 using MDE … Read more

Intune Newsletter – 16th February 2024

Welcome back, or if this is your first newsletter, welcome! Plenty of exciting content for you to learn about this week so lets get started… Community Content We start this week with a guide on using Device query from Peter van der Woude including some useful queries to get you started This post from … Read more