Getting App Install Numbers from Intune (quickly)

This script is available from the powershell gallery here

Install-Script -Name GetIntuneInstalls

I often find myself being asked to quickly check how many installs of a various app and being a typical geek, logging into a web page, a few clicks and a search is more effort than I’d like

Again, using the excelled scripts already provided by Microsoft here I’ve made a few simple amendments to make it slightly more user friendly

My version of the script lives on my github here

The amendments I’ve added are all at the bottom. Instead of listing the details of an app which needs to be hard-coded in the script, I’ve looped through all applications and added them to a list which we can then export with the gridview option:

$List = New-Object System.Collections.ArrayList   
    $Applications = Get-IntuneApplication
foreach ($application in $Applications) {
    $appdetails = Get-InstallStatusForApp -AppId $application.ID | Select-Object installedDeviceCount, failedDeviceCount, installedUserCount, failedUserCount
    $appname = $application.displayName
    $installdevice = $appdetails.installedDeviceCount
    $faileddevice = $appdetails.failedDeviceCount
    $installuser = $appdetails.installedUserCount
    $faileduser = $appdetails.failedUserCount
    $appid = $application.ID
    $Hash = [ordered]@{
        Name = $appname
        ID = $appid
        DeviceInstalls = $installdevice
        UserInstalls = $installuser
        FailedDeviceInstalls = $faileddevice
        FailedUserInstalls = $faileduser

$List | Out-GridView -Title 'App Installs' 

That’s it, nice and simple but saves time. As usual, the scripts are all free to amend as needed

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