Detecting which machines have which Intune applications installed via PowerShell and MS Graph

One of my most popular scripts displays a list of applications and the total number of installs (amongst other things) – here

A recent comment on there asked if there was any way to list the install dates as well and this got me thinking. Could I create a new script which could show exactly which machines have an app installed (whether that’s been pushed or user initiated) and the install date, but quicker than digging around in the portal.

The answer is yes and here it is!

UPDATE: Version 3.0 now released with CSV output as well as clipboard (and MG Graph Auth)

As usual, the script can be found on github here or on PSGallery for quick install:

Install-Script -Name find-intune-app-installs

After authenticating against your tenant, you will be presented with a popup with a list of all apps detected, assigned or not (you may be looking for old app installs from a now unassigned app after all)

You can of course filter if you have many applications.

Once you have selected an application, click the OK button, this is where the magic happens.

At this point it loops through every device, finds the primary user and the apps installed for that user. If the application is detected, it runs through the troubleshooting history to find the event where the install succeeded and gives you both the hostname and the date.

Some of you may have large estates, so the output you see will also automatically be added to your copy buffer so you can manipulate it further

Hopefully this is of some use!

As always, any comments, requests or suggestions, just add them below.

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