Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Calculator

Sometimes I need to get quick AVD pricing without having to go into the depth of the Microsoft official calculator so using the Microsoft Pricing API I’ve quickly put one together:

I’ve put together a quick AVD pricing calculator to grab a quick estimate pricing, it uses the MS API for the latest costs:

Enter the details and it will give you pricing and details of what it’s recommending


6 thoughts on “Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Calculator”

  1. Great post! I have a question regarding the calculation of outbound traffic for AVD. From my understanding, when using a standard Reverse Connect connection, outbound traffic to the internet from Azure shouldn’t incur any charges for AVD. Charges should only apply for outbound traffic when accessing AVD via VPN S2S or using RDP Shortpath Private Networks. Can you clarify on what basis outbound traffic is calculated for these scenarios?

    Thanks for the insightful AVD price calculator!

    • I’ll have to do some testing, but I think internet egress from the AVD hosts will still be charged, that’s always been one of the unknowns when dealing with AVD, calculating data costs

      • I was actually wondering if the VDI session itself — you know, the streaming of the session and all the user interactions like mouse movements and keystrokes — ends up causing outbound internet traffic and therefore incurs Azure egress charges.


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