EndPoint Manager Newsletter – 8th April 2022

This is something new I want to try, keeping track of everything which is changing in Intune can be a tricky task. I go for an RSS aggregator (happy to share my list), but to make it easier for everyone, I’m going to attempt to do a weekly roundup of what I feel are some key posts from the week.

Obviously I can’t catch anything so please add items in the comments if you think others will find it useful. I would like to make this a community thing moving forward so suggestions are definitely welcome!

Before starting on the posts, the week ended on a high with the Modern Endpoint Management Summit which was outstanding! For anyone who missed it, visit here and have a look at all of the videos on offer.

In no particular order (except the order my tabs were arranged):

This is an excellent post from Jon @ Practical 365 covering Security Baselines which I would recommend on any Intune deployment. If you are using Admin Templates for anything covered on a baseline, get it switched over, embrace the future 🙂

This post from Peter Klapwijk covers the new Azure Role for Bitlocker Recovery key reader, something I’ve been wanting for ages. Now you can give your Service Desk access to read keys, but without needing to give them the keys to the kingdom

Next up, from Rudy Ooms we have a post on how to fully wipe a device before sending for recycling, essential reading in my opinion

For anyone who has inherited an environment, or uploaded scripts and then lost the source code, here is an excellent solution from Jan Bakker to retrieve your scripts…and now you can store them somewhere safe so it doesn’t happen again!

Following on from the new Azure Role, here is an excellent (and jazzy looking) tool from Nicklas Ahlberg which will retrieve Bitlocker keys whether they are in Azure AD or traditional on-prem. Highly recommended for deployment to your Service Desk.


After implementing Security Baselines, now you need to monitor them, no point implementing best practice security if the machines aren’t applying the policies. Follow this post from Sander Rozemuller to monitor your baseline deployments.


A video from Microsoft on some updates to Windows Management

Intune reporting with Log Analytics: analyze disk size, an excellent post from Damien Van Robaeys

And finally, it’s been a big week for news from Microsoft, these are well worth a read!

What’s coming in Windows 11:

An introduction to Windows autopatch

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