Endpoint Manager Newsletter – 13th May 2022

Welcome to this weeks news from the Endpoint Manager Community.

We’ll start with a link to all of the videos from the recent Endpoint Management Summit. If you couldn’t attend, or just want a recap, the video below is for the intro but from there you can navigate to the rest of the videos. A special thanks to Angel Garcia Ayas for organising it (and the speakers and sponsors of course)

Next up is this excellent post from Niels Scheffers digging into finding out exactly what is going on in MS Graph from within the GUI via browser developers tools (something I do a lot when scripting)

This extremely thorough post from Kannan CS covers in detail the Windows Update for Business process within Intune and looking at logs should you hit any issues


Trevor Jones has created an excellent script/app to view the contents of Powershell Scripts uploaded into Intune, previously only really manageable by running a backup script to download a copy. It’s one I’ll be adding to my script library


This post from Peter Klapwijk shows you how to use an Azure Logic App to create Azure AD Groups based on application installations. This could well be the answer around how to update Available applications in Intune, keep an app as Available for everyone and then Required for those with it detected to force updates.

Now we have three posts from Rudy Ooms around all things Autopilot, TPM and Certificates. Always excellent troubleshooting posts, I’d recommend reading them all, you never know when you might experience one of these issues.

Last, but not least, two excellent videos from Dean Ellerby, one looking at App Supersedence which in my opinion is an overlooked tool within app deployment.

The second video looks at the OSD Cloud project from David Segura which anyone working with Intune/Autopilot should be aware of. If you need to Autopilot a wrecked machine, or simply want to use a fresh build to remove that McAfee trial that for some reason has come installed on a business laptop (I’m looking at you Dell Vostro), OSD Cloud has you covered!

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