Copying Intune Policies across tenants – Automatically!

I’m sure most if not all of you have a test tenant (never test in production) for new policies, features etc. What happens when you then want to push this change out to live (or even to multiple customers)? You either have to JSON the policy and run the script, use a backup and restore option, or worst case manually create the policy by hand.

Lucky for you, I have developed an update to my copy script which will now copy the policy across tenants

UPDATE 28/08/2022 – Version 2.0 now released which supports multiple policy selection (Ctrl-Click) to fully migrate environments

Update 16/09/2022 – Version 3.0 now released with added support for Applocker policies, Imported ADMX, Conditional Access, Proactive Remediations and AAD Groups

The script can be found here

Or grab from PS Gallery:

Install-Script -Name copy-intune-policy-crosstenant

As with the previous script, when you run, it will prompt for your credentials and then list all of the configured policies in the tenant in a nice table:

Simply select the policy, click the OK button and it will prompt for credentials for the destination tenant and do it’s magic.

To avoid any naming issues, the new policy will be called “Copy of” Policyname (just in case it’s an updated policy and you want to run side by side)

I hope this is of use, as always, feel free to comment below

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