Copying Intune Policies

Update, the cross-tenant version here is more updated and works on the same tenant as well, please use that one

I often find myself needing to take a copy of individual Intune policies, either for a bit of UAT, or even to change one setting for a different group of people. Whilst there are ways around it (Intunebackupandrestore, whilst an incredible resource, can seem a bit clunky for a quick policy duplication)

But fear not intrepid travelers for I have scripted a solution

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As usual, the source is available on GitHub or can be installed from the PS Gallery

Install-Script -Name copy-intune-policy

Whilst complex underneath, I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible to use.

A special thanks to Mattias for his Decrypt script which came in very useful on the OMA-URI policies.

So, here it is:

Running the script loops through all of your policies and brings them up in a window. Clicking Ok will go away, grab the JSON, rename to Copy of ‘Policy Name’ and then add the policy back in. Just like on Windows 🙂

Enjoy and please feedback with any comments

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