Intune Newsletter – 2nd December 2022

Happy December everyone and welcome to this weeks winter Intune newsletter in what has been a busy week for content creators!

Featured Content

This weeks featured video from Dean Ellerby looks at the new Store Integration which as you’ll find, we are very excited about

Community Content

We start this week with a look at the single most complicated part of M365, Licensing. To get a better understanding, have a look at this post form Niklas Tinner

I’m a big fan of Dynamic Groups in Azure AD, they take a lot of the admin work away from the starters and leavers process if nothing else. This post from Anoop Nair gives an excellent run-through on how they work and how to set them up.

Next, we have two posts from Jitesh Kumar, the first showing how to fix the Namespace Missing error when uploading custom ADMX files in Intune

The second post looks at the newly released Store/Winget integration in Intune, a very exciting new development!

Damien Van Robaeys has released part 7 of the excellent Log Analytics guides, this one looking at using queries to better present your data in graphs and charts

Another look at the new Microsoft Store integration, this time from Simon Skotheimsvik

Global Admins are a necessary evil, but should be secured. To find out how, have read of this post from Moe Kinani

Next we have a Rudy Ooms deep-dive special, this time looking at the Autopilot hardware hash and a hidden marker which could cause you issues with certain builds/rebuilds.

If you have M365 E5 licensing, I would recommend checking out this new functionality in Microsoft Defender. To find out more and how to enable it, read this post from Johan Arwidmark

Desktop Analytics was an excellent tool for Intune admins, but it’s time has now come and it is now deprecated. To find out how to remove it from your environment and what to use instead, have a look at this guide from Mattias Melkersen Kalvåg

We are all familiar with the ESP for Autopilot devices, but by default it doesn’t display for a Win365 cloud PC. If you want to enable it to find out what’s happening on first login, read this from Dominiek Verham

If you want to use custom images for your Windows 365 machines, have a look at this post from Niels Kok

If you’ve ever wanted to create a golden AVD image using PowerShell (and haven’t we all!), have a read of this from Aresh Sarkari (congratulations!)

In the second post from Aresh, you can learn how to create a custom image for Win365 machines using PowerShell

Shehan Perera has put together an extremely thorough look at identity management in Microsoft Entra including lifecycle flows and managing your admin accounts. This is well worth reading!

If you are starting on your Windows 365 journey, this second post from Shehan gives an excellent starting point to make sure you have the foundations in place first

If you’ve used Microsoft Graph, you’ll have come across the joys of pagination. Fortunately Jannik Reinhard has released a script to grab everything you point it at

One of my favourite posts from this week comes from Michael Niehaus with a website which lists the end of life dates for pretty much anything

Whilst they may be cloud machines, Win365 needs restarting as much as a physical machine and we all know what users are like! To schedule your machines to reboot using Azure Automation, have look at this guide from Joey Verlinden

Now for three posts from Prajwal Desai, the first one showing how to use Intune Settings Catalog to lock down the taskbar

The second post lists all Windows 10 ADK versions including their download links

Prajwal’s third post demonstrates how to install and use the ADMX templates for Windows 10 and the settings within, especially useful when looking at ADMX imports in Intune

There are some excellent Intune community tools available, to see Florian Salzmann‘s top 5, have a look at this post.

Log analytics are extremely powerful and well worth learning. If you want to ingest your own Intune data into a custom log analytics table, have a look at this post from Sander Rozemuller

Another look at the new MS Store integration, this time from Somesh Pathak

Nathan Hutchinson has looked at everything related to Enterprise Mode site lists in this post

If you’ve ever looked at Update Compliance and wanted just a bit more, try these thorough custom reports from Trevor Jones

Now onto this weeks video content, starting with the next part of the MDE tutorial series from Harvansh Singh. This episode looks at onboarding your devices into MDE using Intune

The latest episode from Intune.Training is now live, this one looks at all things Autopatch. If you aren’t using Autopatch, it’s well worth checking out. Featuring Adam Gross, Steven Hosking and this weeks special guest Adam Nichols

The new video from the MSEndPointMgr team looks at everything KQL featuring Mattias Melkersen Kalvåg, Michael Mardahl, Rod Trent and Jan Ketil Skanke

Microsoft Content

Now onto the Microsoft content, starting this week with a Microsoft Mechanics video looking at the new Store for Business/Winget integration with Jason Githens

Also on the subject of the new integration, these are group policies that are well worth keeping in mind as you start to transition

Autopatch now has new quality update reports which are worth checking out

If you want to learn more about improving your security posture, check out this new learning module

The final content for this week is a guided simulator for deploying machines using Autopilot, a complete end-to-end look at everything involved including the end user experience

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