Intune Newsletter – 28th April 2023

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Community Content

We start this week with Peter van der Woude looking at what’s available to you in Endpoint Analytics, including the exciting Anomaly detection included with the IT Suite

Next, Nico Wyss looks at ICMP, what it does, why it’s used and security considerations including how to harden your devices using Intune

Now for two posts from Prajwal Desai, firstly looking at how to deploy Bitlocker with a Settings Catalog policy

Prajwal’s second post shows how to remove a device from the Autopatch service after enrollment

Not all MFA methods are equal, some are more secure than others. Simon Skotheimsvik looks at the different options available here as well as the goal of passwordless

Never let your Apple tokens expire, ever! To find out how to renew them, have a read of this guide from Anand P

Thiago Beier has a quick run-through of AAD extension attributes which are always useful for automation

LAPS has again proved to be popular with the community this week, with Christopher Mogis looking at how to implement it here

Mike van den Brandt has also released content on LAPS including a look at the available logs

Nicolas Bonnet also looks at LAPS including the underlying CSP settings

Windows 365 Frontline is an exciting new SKU from Microsoft for your shift workers to save on licensing costs. To find out more, read this post from Dominiek Verham

This thorough guide from Brooks Peppin runs through AAD Joining devices and some useful config tips when starting your Intune/Autopilot journey. Well worth checking out

Thomas Marcussen looks at all of the inclusive technologies and solutions being from Microsoft in this post

Video Content

Now for the video content from this week, starting with a look at how to configure LAPS from Dean Ellerby

Dean also has a follow-up video, looking at LAPS from a client usage side

In this video, Harjit Dhaliwal and Roman Kleyn discuss adopting Windows 11 across Krones

Next, Andy Malone runs through the steps to configure and setup your new Intune tenant

Microsoft Content

Onto the Microsoft content. There have been some excellent additions to the Firewall rules within Intune as covered here by the Intune Support Team

Shravana Mukherjee recaps all of the exciting Intune Suite content from the tech accelerator including a first look at the Advanced application management

With the announcement of Windows 11 LTSC, this post covers the latest Windows client roadmap from Jason Leznek

The latest Skilling Snack is now available and looks at Windows LAPs. This article is from Jay Simmons and Laura Arrizza

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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