Intune Newsletter – 26th May 2023

It feels like summer has finally arrived, it’s always nice to briefly look up from a screen and see sunshine instead of rain! This is Microsoft Build week so we have some special announcements for both Windows and Intune.

Community Content

We start this week with a post from Jannik Reinhard covering all of the reporting and analytics features avaialble within Intune and how to make best use of them

Windows 365 and AVD, both cloud base VDI options, both running on largely the same back-end configuration so picking which is best for your environment can be tricky. This post from Simon Hartmann Eriksen runs through some common scenarios and advises which product works best

Next, we have three posts from David Brook and Steve Beaumont, the first looking at linking Intune and PowerBi for enhanced reporting

The second post shows how to use an Azure Service Principal to access Log Analytics data using PowerShell and the API

And the third post covers how to grab ASR events, ingest into Log Analytics and then report with PowerBI

Now you can natively deploy DMG apps using Intune rather than having to wrap them. Follow this guide from Prajwal Desai to learn more

Deploying apps via Intune is nice and straight forward, but when it comes to keeping them updated, any apps deployed as Available suddenly become a lot harder to manage. Fortunately you can leverage Applicability Rules to force updates on apps deployed via either Required or Available assignment. Michael Meier shows you how here

Another look at updating your available apps, this time from Jose Schenardie with a custom script

Joost Gelijsteen looks at LAPS for Azure AD in this post

With the release of Windows 365 frontline, Aresh Sarkari has released a script to configure your frontline provisioning policy using PowerShell

If you are using Remote Help, you may want to further protect it by securing it behind conditional access. Follow this guide from Peter van der Woude to find out how

Intune RBAC roles have been extended to include EPM. Jitesh Kumar looks at how to configure them in this post

Vidya M A looks at the new managed app filter rules and how you can use them in your environment here

App Protection policies also now support filters so you can restrict them to only unmanaged devices (as an example). Fine out more in this post from James Robinson

Thomas Marcussen has released a new script to configure Azure AD Cloud Trust into your environment (the preferred option for SSO)

When you deploy your Windows 365 frontline devices you need to make sure users disconnect to free up the license. To force a time-out using Intune, follow this post from Ola Ström

Dominiek Verham has been quick off the mark with the public preview of Windows 365 boot and runs through configuring it here

This post from Shehan Perera covers everything you need to know about Remote Help, how to configure it, deploy it and tweak your network infrastructure to allow it

If you are about to start looking at using Intune for your corporate Android and iOS devices, this article from Shady Khorshed includes links to various Microsoft Learn pages to get you up and running

Gannon Novak has a new script here which uses Proactive Remediations to both deploy a desktop background and keep it updated as and when the image changes. Very useful for those not on enterprise licensing

We all enjoy automation, especially when it means we have less mundane tasks to do. This post from Florian Salzmann shows you how to use Azure runbooks with a managed service to securely automate your tasks.

The first part of a multi-part series from Thiago Beier is out looking at Intune custom roles

The Intune architecture diagram has recently been updated which is looked at here by Niklas Tinner including links to each item in the Intune family

If you are using PowerShell and Graph to manage Intune/AzureAD/anything else, this post from Daniel Bradley looks at filtering at the server side:

Video Content

Now for the video content, starting with a full demo of Windows 365 frontline from Mattias Melkersen Kalvåg and Donna Ryan in the latest What’s new in Windows 365

We all enjoy Winget, but have you wondered what’s happening behind the scenes? Wonder no more and watch this excellent video from John Savill

A video on how to deploy Organizational messages as it moves into GA (more on that below)

The latest unpacking endpoint management covers all things Windows updates with Steve Thomas, Danny Guillory Jr, David Guyer, Rachelle Blanchard and Aria Carley

A new video from Dean Cefola running through setting up your devices for Windows 365 boot

Microsoft Content

Now for the Microsoft content starting with a look at the new Windows 11 Enterprise and Intune announcements from Harjit Dhaliwal

Windows 365 boot is now in public preview. To find out more and how to deploy it, check out this post from Andrew Miyasato

Organizational messages are going GA on May 31st, with some very exciting new additions as covered here by Jesse Stein

Windows Driver and Firmware updates are coming soon to Intune. David Guyer tells more in this post

All of the exciting new Windows features, including Copilot are announced in this article from Panos Panay

A look at what’s new in the Intune May 2305 release from Ramya Chitrakar

Intune now has integration with Zebra Lifeguard Over-the-air service. Find out more in this post from the Intune support team

A busy week! Have a great weekend

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