Intune Newsletter – 2nd June 2023

Community Content

We start this week with a look at the new quiet time policy options within Intune for your Android and iOS devices from Simon Skotheimsvik

This post from Robin Hobo runs you through how to configure and deploy a Windows 365 boot machine

You can now filter on both Managed Apps and Managed Devices which is a most welcome addition. Read this post from Torbjorn (Mr T-Bone) Granheden to find out more

Michael Meier has put together a script to verify files are correct using their hash and Proactive Remediations

Jannik Reinhard has released V2 of the excellent device report using logic apps to email a regular report of device status and compliance

TeamViewer can be a pain to deploy properly. If you are looking to deploy it, or struggling to do so, have a look at this guide from James Everett

Shishir Kushawaha has put together a script to track and report on your devices which have been provisioned using Autopilot

A new feature in Windows 365 is the ability to share an approximate location for the news/weather app amongst others (we don’t all live next door to the data centre after all). Niall Brady looks at how to configure it and how it works in this post

Next, Thiago Beier looks at how to review changes in your environment, starting with reviewing changes to Intune managed apps

An exciting new series from Dujon Walsham looking at all things BYOD. The first part gives a high level view of enrollment, conditonal access, security and MAM

Next, Peter van der Woude looks at the Authentication Strengths within Conditional Access including both the built-in ones and also creating your own

This post from Ben Whitmore is an excellent introduction to Microsoft Graph including connecting methods, graph explorer and more

A new feature in Windows 11 is Personal Data Encryption, but it may not be something you want on your devices. This post from Vidya M A shows how to enable and disable using Settings Catalog

A new GUI has been released by Espen Jaegtvik for managing your Autopilot devices, well worth checking out

Another deep dive from Rudy Ooms, this time looking at what is happening at the account level when an app is installed using EPM

A multi-part series from Mike Shellenberger on how to migrate your hybrid devices from your old on-prem LAPS to the new Windows LAPS

Next, Prajwal Desai runs through how to manage software updates on your macOS devices

We also have a 4-part series from David Brook looking at the different ways to create a custom Windows 365 image

This post from Rahul Jindal looks at the new Microsoft Authenticator Lite application

Next, Niklas Tinner looks at certificate deployment using Intune including comparing PKS and SCEP/NDES

An excellent guide from Niels Kok running through the entire process for deploying SCEP and NDES certificates

This post from Nick Benton shows how you can use PowerShell to automate most tasks related to EPM including reporting and policy creation

If you have not yet deployed Compliance policies, or want to check they are configured correctly, have a look at this guide from René Laas

Next, Arno van Dijk looks at deploying and using EPM

This post from Roy Apalnes looks at Windows 365 boot and some use-case scenarios for it

If you have an environment with multiple administrators, or just want to be extra careful, this guide from Jan Bakker will alert you when a new MDA method is added

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with episode 6 of the iOS enrollment series from Andy Jones. This episode runs through enrolling a device into an environment

Next, Anoop Nair runs through the new Application filters for MAM

The latest Tackling Tech video from Harjit Dhaliwal is now live looking at Windows 11 Accessibility featuring Ben Watt

The latest video is here with Steven Hosking and Adam Gross. This one has Brett Flegg as the guest speaker discussing all things Intune.

Peter Rising lists 5 top tips when dealing with conditional access in this video

Next we have a selection of Microsoft Ask-Me-Anything videos starting with Microsoft Store and app management with Joe Lurie, Roy MacLachlan, Jason Sandys and Christina Osorio

The next AMA is managing Windows in the public sector with Sarah Gilbert, Ken Goossens, Pat Fetty and Roy Barton

The third video covers accessibility in Windows 11 featuring Harjit Dhaliwal, Carolina Hernandez, Ben Watt and Hector Minto

Finally we have an AMA on Windows LAPS featuring Thomas Trombley, Laura Arrizza and Jay Simmons

Microsoft Content

Onto the Microsoft content, which includes a look at the new M365 apps security baseline as covered here by the Intune Support Team

If you are a macOS person, check out the new mac admins community in this post from Arnab Biswas

The latest skilling snack comes from Jason Sandys and covers how to secure your applications

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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