Intune Newsletter – 9th June 2023

Welcome to this weeks exciting newsletter. For those who read other weeks, you may notice a plain text link under some of the embeds this week. They take you to the same website, but the newsletter system was removing any embedded items so I have doubled up accordingly.

Community Content

We start this week with a new GUI from Florent Nosari which can run straight after Autopilot ESP to run any required post-install tasks

The Intune 2305 release now includes settings for managing updates on Visual Studio. Follow this guide from Vidya M A to find out how

For those of you managing Zebra devices, find out how you can use OEMConfig policies to manage them with Intune in this post from Jitesh Kumar

Windows Sandbox is an excellent tool for testing applications, especially when packaging. Damien Van Robaeys has put together this excellent tool to add run-in sandbox into the Windows right click Context menu

Thiago Beier has released the second part of this series looking at Intune custom roles

Deploying Scheduled Tasks are still useful in an Intune environment, especially if you want to run in the user context. This post from Gary Blok shows how to create a scheduled task using PowerShell

Rudy Ooms has another epic flowchart here, this time looking at what happens behind the scenes when you click rotate password in LAPS

When looking at SSO to on-prem resources, Cloud Trust is a massive improvement over the old key trust model. This post from Thomas Marcussen will show you how to set it up with Windows Hello for Business

Intune 2305 release introduced new Quiet Time policies for managing notifications on enrolled mobile devices. This post from Peter van der Woude looks at how they are configured and the end user experience

Managing admin rights is crucial on any managed device. For Windows you have the native EPM functionality within Intune, but that is not yet compatible with macOS. For your macOS devices, this post from Simon Hartmann Eriksen shows you how you can deploy and use Admin By Request.

If you have ever uploaded a PowerShell script to Intune and then lost the original source code, this post from Daniel Bradley will show you how to retrieve them using Graph

A second post from Daniel this week, this one showing how to map drives in Intune (if you absolutely must)

Next, Prajwal Desai shows how to use Shell scripts to set the desktop wallpaper on macOS devices

Shehan Perera has an excellent run-through of policy assignment here which is well worth checking out

Niall Brady and Paul Winstanley have released part 8 of their Windows 365 series, with this one looking at Windows 365 boot. If you haven’t read the previous parts, I would strongly suggest starting there!

Next, Peter Klapwijk runs through how to configure and deploy Windows Update for Business Reporting

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with this one from Chander Mani Pandey exploring Intune configuration profiles

Now for two videos from John Savill, the first of which shows how you can expand your Conditional Access policies with attributes in your enterprise applications.

John’s second video looks at what happens when you have mutliple conditional access policies applying.

Next, Dean Ellerby looks at Patch My PC and using it to deploy apps to Intune

A look at what’s new in the latest Intune 2305 release from Nickolaj Andersen and Mattias Melkersen Kalvåg

Dean Cefola looks at the AVD accelerator to rapidly deploy repeatable AVD environments in this video

In this video, Craig Camacho runs through configuring Conditional Access MFA with named locations

Find out all about Windows 365 boot in this video featuring Christiaan Brinkhoff, Elina Luthra, Rinku Stephen, Ajit Surana and Andrew Miyasato

The latest Tackling Tech video from Harjit Dhaliwal looking at the security of Windows 11 with Florian Kroiss and Michael Meier

This graph 101 video from the team (Jake Shackelford, Jóhannes Geir Kristjansson and Sean Bulger) looks at using Azure Function Apps with VS Code

Jannik Reinhard and Niklas Tinner run through how to get started with Intune automation in this video

Microsoft Content

Now for a look at the Microsoft content, starting with a look at how Intune and the Intune suite can help with long-term goals to use AI and automation from Jason Roszak

RSVP for the next Intune Tech Community Live event here from Rachelle Blanchard

The Intune GitHub Repository was a great resource and one I initially based a lot of my scripts on. A new batch have now been created using the newer MgGraph modules, read more here:

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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