– Now supporting App deployment

An exciting new addition to the website, I have added the ability to deploy applications via the GUI.

The app deployment at present uses the Winget community repository (when Advanced App Management is released by Microsoft, I will try and add that as an alternative)

After clicking on the Deploy Apps menu, you will find a drop-down where you can select your app (it has a free text search at the top)

Then simply select the tenant you want to deploy to and optionally you can specify group names. If you specify a group, it will check if the group exists. If it finds a group, it will assign. If it doesn’t, the group will be created

In the background, this triggers a new runbook which kicks off an updated copy of my app deployment script

It will:

  • Create AzureAD Install and Uninstall Groups (or use existing)
  • Install and Uninstall PowerShell scripts
  • Custom Detection Script
  • Proactive Remediation (to update the app daily)
  • The intunewin file itself
  • Upload the Intunewin file to Intune
  • Assign Install and Uninstall groups to it
  • Assign the Proactive Remediation to the install group

Other updates are in the pipeline as well and requests and suggestions are always welcome!

5 thoughts on “ – Now supporting App deployment”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I having issues with uploading applications. I have tried two tenants and both have had issues installing applications. The Application that I have tried is “Signal” on both Tenants.

    Logs – View Log
    2024/01/18 18:39:04 Installing Intune modules if required (current user scope)
    2024/01/18 18:39:04 Installing Intune modules if required (current user scope)
    2024/01/18 18:39:14 Installing Microsoft Graph modules if required (current user scope)
    2024/01/18 18:39:41 Connecting to Microsoft Graph
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Graph Connection Established
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Graph connection established
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Signal Selected with ID of OpenWhisperSystems.Signal
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Creating Directory for Signal
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Directory c:\temp\412-2401183940\\OpenWhisperSystems.Signal Created
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Creating AAD Groups for Signal
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Created for installing Signal
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Created for uninstalling Signal
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Creating Install Script for Signal
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Script created at c:\temp\412-2401183940\\OpenWhisperSystems.Signal\installOpenWhisperSystems.Signal.ps1
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Creating Uninstall Script for Signal
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Script created at c:\temp\412-2401183940\\OpenWhisperSystems.Signal\uninstallOpenWhisperSystems.Signal.ps1
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Creating Detection Script for Signal
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Script created at c:\temp\412-2401183940\\OpenWhisperSystems.Signal\detectionOpenWhisperSystems.Signal.ps1
    2024/01/18 18:39:42 Creation Proactive Remediation for Signal
    2024/01/18 18:39:43 Proactive Remediation Created and Assigned for Signal
    2024/01/18 18:39:43 Creating Intunewin File for Signal
    2024/01/18 18:39:43 Intunewin c:\temp\412-2401183940\\OpenWhisperSystems.Signal\installOpenWhisperSystems.Signal.intunewin Created
    2024/01/18 18:39:54 Uploading Signal to Intune


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