Intune Newsletter – 30th June 2023

Welcome to this weeks newsletter marking the end of June and for the MVPs reading this, the week before renewal date, I am keeping my fingers crossed for all of you!

Community Content

We start this week with the second part of Simon Hartmann Eriksen‘s series looking at moving to future endpoint management, this one looks at the move to Intune

Next, Manish Bangia runs through how you can import your group policies directly into Intune

If you have Windows Enterprise licensing, Windows Autopatch is well worth looking at. This post from Thomas Marcussen tells you everything you need to know

Intune now supports Zebra devices and keeping them updated. Here, Timmy Andersson runs through the full process

For those of you wanting to get started with Windows 365 Enterprise, the deployment guide is worth checking out. This post from Dominiek Verham shows you how

On the subject of Windows 365, find out how to use the new Windows 365 boot functionality in this post from Peter van der Woude

The Apple WWDC was not all about the worlds most expensive skiing goggles, it also included additions to device management and enrollment. Somesh Pathak has them covered in detail here

We have a second post from Somesh this week, showing how you can link Adobe with OneDrive on your iOS devices:

Next, learn all about custom compliance policies in this post from René Laas

Windows Update for Business Reports are a useful addition to the out-of-the box reporting included in Intune. To learn how to deploy, read this post from Mike Shellenberger

Now for two posts from Rahul Jindal, starting with some troubleshooting tips if you are having trouble installing Winget apps with the error 0x8A15001B Result:BlockedbyPolicy

Rahul’s second post shows how to configure admin consent for app protected applications so end-users must request access to these applications on mobile devices

The release of 2305 has enabled the movement of a cloud PC to a new region or Azure Network Connection which is most welcome with the constant addition of new regions. Find out how in this post from Sune Thomsen

Prajwal Desai also runs through how to move a Windows 365 machine between regions

Next up, Niklas Tinner digs into security baselines, how to use them, what they include and how to test them

James Robinson has gone digging into the underpinnings again, this time looking at the M365 Apps admin centre and the API underneath

This post from Gannon Novak shows how to use Remediations and app registrations to set extension attributes based on device properties

Thiago Beier has released the fourth part of the series looking at the different ways to enroll Windows devices, this one shows how to use a PPKG

Find out how to run remediations on demand in this post from Jitesh Kumar

Find out how to manage those pesky users who do not have MFA enabled in this post from Joey Verlinden

The latest Rudy Ooms deep-dive looks at Sync errors and the SyncMl tool

Next, Damien Van Robaeys has released a very useful script to quickly check the install status of an application using PowerShell and Graph

This post from Nick Benton looks at Settings Catalog assignments and how to set them with Powershell and Graph

Somesh Pathak demonstrates how to use Power Apps and Power Virtual Agents to create a chat-bot to use with Intune here

One minor annoyance with Intune is the fact that Outlook contacts don’t show up in the phone contacts. Fortunately Torbjorn (Mr T-Bone) Granheden has an Azure Automation to resolve this

Next, Rahul Jindal compares Conditional Access and the “Require MFA to join devices to Azure AD” options

Find out how to deploy a quiet time policy to your Android and iOS devices in this post from Andy Jones

Video Content

Onto the video content for this week starting with two videos from Dean Ellerby, the first of which looks at the new preview feature to use Intune to manage security on your server devices

Dean’s second video covers the new Application Control policy functionality.

Dean’s third video this week shows how to enrol your tenant into Autopatch

Dean has had a busy week and this fourth video demonstrates how to use the Power App from Moe Kinani to grab LAPS passwords from any device

Next, Matt Call has released a new video looking at RBAC for Intune. If you haven’t seen the previous videos, you can find them here

The latest EMS Community podcast (Episode 4) is now out covering Fido2, community tools and more. This episode features Shehan Perera, Eric Woodruff, Jonas Bøgvad, Lewis Barry and some random.

The latest video is out looking at LAPS with Steven Hosking and Jóhannes Geir Kristjansson

Microsoft Content

In Microsoft news, an exciting new feature is now in GA to manage drivers and firmware within Intune with a GUI and fine control over what is deployed to your devices. I’ve been excited about this for ages!! Find out more in this post from David Guyer

Find out why AI powered analytics in Intune is so important in this post from Steve Dispensa and Archana Devi Sunder Rajan

The 2306 release improves the functionality for deploying apps to Windows 11 SE from Intune for Education as covered here by Aasawari Navathe

As well as the apps and drivers mentioned above, there are loads of exciting new features in 2306 including Remediations on demand!

The first of a two parter from Jacob Scott showing how to enrol Android teams phones into Intune

Next, we have some best practice recommendations when deploying apps to Win365 machines from Curtis Sawin and Aleksander Bozadzhiev

Find out how to use KPI to track expedited updates in this post from Akash Malhotra

The latest skilling snack is out and this week looks at Windows 11 accessibility from Ben Watt

That’s it for this weekend, congratulations for getting this far (and making it through the week), have a great weekend!

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