Intune Newsletter – 21st July 2023

Welcome to a holiday special newsletter, this week coming to you from the little island of Anglesey in North Wales!

Community Content

We start this week with a post from Michael Niehaus looking at why after the announcement of 23H2 as an enablement package should be the push you need to migrate to Windows 11

Next, Sander Rozemuller has created a script to check for roles assigned outside PIM and send notifications to Teams

This post from Vidya M A looks at the new Entra announcements including Global Secure Access

A second post from Vidya, looking at the new MDE security settings console

An excellent new feature in public preview now allows you to manage Intune security settings from within the Defender Security portal. Find out how in this post from Sheehan Perera

This post from Jannik Reinhard demonstrates how to use Microsoft Fabric to export your Intune data to use for PowerBi reporting

If you have applications or scripts which you want your users to be install multiple times, have a look at this script from Michael Meier

For those of you managing macOS devices, find out how to install Chrome in this post from Prajwal Desai which covers everything including detection methods

A second post from Prajwal looking at how to set the device name on a macOS device to the serial number

Next, Peter van der Woude looks at the new Windows Driver Update functionality in Intune

Ugur Koc has released another new application, this one to fully off board devices from Intune

Find out how to enable tamper protection with Intune on your macOS devices and what it does in this post from Snehasis Pani

Find out all you need to know about MDE attach in this usually thorough deep-dive from Rudy Ooms

Niklas Tinner looks at how to enable Network Authentication on your AAD/Entra ID joined devices here

If you want to deploy Teams organisational backgrounds but don’t have Teams Premium, check out this solution from Gannon Novak

Damien Van Robaeys has put together another excellent Log Analytics dashboard, this one for driver inventory

Next, Florian Salzmann has put together a very useful remediation to keep your apps updated by checking vendor executables

Learn all about Update for Business rings and how you can create intelligent ring membership in this post from Nick Benton

This excellent post from Eric Woodruff will tell you all you need to know about Privilege Access Workstation (PAW)

We have an in-depth post from Geir Dybbugt covering how to make the Windows kiosk mode work better for you

Next, Dominiek Verham covers the different ways to resize a Windows 365 PC

Video Content

Now onto the video content, this week starting with a demonstration on how to set Windows 365 alerts for machines in their grace period from Anusha Reddy

Matt Call has released the next part of the video series, this time looking at Intune custom roles

This latest video from Andy Malone looks at all of the new functionality in Entra

The latest unpacking endpoint management video is out looking at Hybrid Join featuring Susan Taylor, Rachelle Blanchard, Jason Sandys and Steve Thomas

Niklas Tinner and Jannik Reinhard discuss Intune driver update management in their latest discussion

Find out all about personal desktop auto scale in AVD from Dean Cefola

With the upcoming deprecation of the AzureAD PowerShell module, now is the time to switch your scripts to using Microsoft Graph SDK. John Savill explains how and why here:

Look at automating your Intune reports in this video from Chander Mani Pandey

This video from Anoop Nair looks at enrolling your non-Intune joined devices into MDE

Microsoft Content

Now onto the Microsoft content, starting with an in-depth look at the Windows 365 alerts as covered in the video earlier, also from Anusha Reddy

Test base has now been extended to support Windows 11 ARM. Find out more here from Roshni Vachhani

A further look at Test base announcements at Inspire from Tina Chen

That’s all for this week, have an amazing weekend

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