Intune Newsletter – 14th July 2023

Welcome one and all, the year is going far too fast, but the content keeps on coming!

Community Content

We start this week with the first part of a series from Rudy Ooms looking at the Windows Deployment Configuration, EPM and the Refresh Schedule deployed when configuring EPM

If you want to configure Internet Security zones, but still give the users the ability to change settings, try this remediation from Matias Magnus Andersen

Next, Peter van der Woude shows how you can build upon the default application control policies in Intune

Monitoring your feature update deployments is crucial, especially if you are restricting OS versions via compliance. To report on feature update failures, check out this post from Jitesh Kumar

On-demand remediations has opened up so many new options within Intune. One of these is the ability to use them to collect logs from devices, find out how here thanks to Damien Van Robaeys

Find out how to restrict your OS versions to n-1 using a compliance policy and azure automation in this post from René Laas

You probably want to stop users from installing Beta Software on their Apple devices. Fortunately Somesh Pathak has instructions on how to do so here

We have a second post from Somesh, demonstrating how to virtualise macOS using parallels

Trevor Jones has released a new script to convert the Windows update names displayed in the driver management UI to the friendly manufacturer name

A second script from Trevor, this one to trigger an on-demand remediation and then view the output:

Graph Explorer is an incredibly useful tool when working with Graph. This post from Daniel Bradley runs through how to use it fully

Next, Prajwal Desai looks at the latest additions to Windows 365

You may have noticed that the driver update functionality does not show you applicable devices. This post from Peter Klapwijk shows how to use Graph to find them

Jan Bakker has created an excellent new PowerApp to quickly set the preferred MFA method for your users.

Next, Simon Hartmann Eriksen looks at everything around ASR and how it links with Defender

Find out how to code sign your PowerShell certificates with a cert from your on-prem CA in this post from Niklas Rast

With the newly announced Entra Identity Access (more in the Microsoft news below), Daniel Bradley has written a deployment guide.

Jeffrey Appel gives a deep dirve into managing security across platforms with MDE in this post

Next, Nick Benton looks at meeting NCSC guidelines for macOS using Intune

A new post from Salona Sahni covering how to use Quiet Time on your mobile devices. Link is translated from the original

If you support macOS devices, Munki is an excellent tool for deploying your apps. This post from Tobias Almén covers how to configure and use it with Intune

Timmy Andersson has put together instructions for fixing any Android devices stuck at the “Your work checklist” phase

Find out how to move your Windows 365 machines to a different region in this post from Dominiek Verham

Find out how to take your branding to the next level with this remediation from Simon Skotheimsvik

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with a guide to enrol your iOS devices using Apple Business Manager from Roy Esteves

Niklas Tinner speaks to Ugur Koc looking at the excellent website

The latest video from Saurabh Sarkar is out and covers using SCEP and NDES in Intune

Protect your AVD machines further with Trusted Launch. Find out how it works and how to deploy and configure it in this video from Dean Cefola

In this video Dean Ellerby looks at Automated Device Enrollment for your macOS devices

Andy Malone looks at the new features announced for Entra in this video

The final video content comes from John Savill with a thorough look at using Entra to protect your applications

Andy Jones has released the latest video convering all things Apple and Intune. This one looks at deploying macOS configurations via Settings Catalog and Device Configurations

Microsoft Content

Now onto the Microsoft content starting with all of the exciting announcements in Microsoft Entra from Joy Chik

Followed by a closer look at the rename from Azure AD to Entra ID with Irina Nechaeva

You can now bulk resize Windows 365 machines as covered here by Abraham Pineda

Check out the Windows client roadmap from Jason Leznek

The latest skilling snack is out from Harjit Dhaliwal looking at all things store apps, including migration

That’s it for this week, have an incredible weekend!

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