Intune Newsletter – 11th August 2023

Community Content

We start this week with two posts from Christopher Mogis, the first looking at the new uninstall functionality in company portal, how to enable it and the user experience.

The second post from Christopher demonstrates how to block drive redirection when using Windows 365 via Intune

Jannik Reinhard also covers the new uninstall option in this post

Learn how to protect against password spray attack using Entra in this post from Rahul Jindal

For anyone getting started with Entra and Intune, or just want a test lab, follow this guide from Gannon Novak

Now for some excellent automation from Sander Rozemuller showing how to automate autoscaling for AVD personal pools

Niklas Rast takes an in-depth look at the Intune Management Extension here

A second post from Niklas looking at the Company portal uninstallation option

A deep dive into Defender for Endpoint on Linux devices here from Thomas Verheyden. Well worth checking out if you have Linux devices in your estate

On a similar note, learn how to enrol workgroup joined Windows devices into MDE here from Vidya M A

It’s a week for MDE posts! Carrying on the theme, Jeffrey Appel runs through how to onboard your non-persistent VDI machines

Now for two posts from Anand P, starting with a useful guide on using Apple Business Manager (ABM) with Intune to add, assign and remove Apple devices

Anand’s second post shows how to renew the SCIM token used between Apple Business Manager and Azure AD

An exciting new addition to Windows 365 has now gone into public preview, Windows 365 Switch. Find out more in this post from Dominiek Verham

This post from Snehasis Pani runs through how to create custom attributes for your macOS devices

Next, Damien Van Robaeys has released the next part of the excellent series on using Log Analytics, this one covers how to send data to your new workspace from an Azure automation runbook

For Windows 10 users, this post from Kevin Kaminski shows how to install Winget onto your machines, including a useful script

Niall Brady and Paul Winstanley have released the next part of their excellent series on Windows 365, this one looking at the new Windows 365 Switch functionality

This post from Philip Jorgensen shows how to enable logging for Lenovo Commercial Vantage via Intune and Config Manager

If you have been using the OneDrive Sync Health report and it has stopped working, or want to start using it, check out this post from Maurice Daly

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with a look at migrating your GPOs to Intune with Manish Bangia

This video from Snehasis Pani covers the Microsoft Enterprise SSO plugin for macOS in depth

As mentioned earlier, Windows 365 boot is now in public preview. To learn everything from the creators, watch this video. Featuring Christiaan Brinkhoff, Elina Luthra, Arjun Rohilla, Parmita Chatterjee, Matt Fei and Siddharth Srivastava

The first of two videos from Harjit Dhaliwal, this one features Sean McLaren and looks at speeding up your Windows 11 deployment and covers some perceived blockers along the way. The clock is ticking on Windows 10!

The second video from Harjit taking a proper look at the myths around hybrid joined devices, featuring Michael Hildebrand and Dave Davies

The latest show has arrived. This one features Adam Gross and Steven Hosking looking at Defender for Endpoint on Android (if you want to learn about iOS, check the previous video in the series)

Microsoft Content

Now onto the Microsoft content, starting with exciting news from Mike Danoski that all endpoint security policies are now migrating to the unified settings catalog (which should make things easier to automate)

Another look at Windows 365 switch from Christiaan Brinkhoff

Remote Help is coming to Android soon (public preview). Find out more here from Jessica Yang

A look at other Android upcoming features from Bethany Foyt

Intune will support Android 14 from release as covered here by the Intune Support Team

If you are experiencing reboots during Autopilot, have a look at this article from Juanita Baptiste

That’s it for this week, stay safe and have a great weekend!

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