Intune Newsletter – 4th August 2023

Welcome to August! How time flies. This week we have had the exciting release of the self-service uninstall functionality in Company Portal, but there is plenty more content this week, read on…

Community Content

If you noticed that your Intune discovered apps suddenly went missing in Intune, this post from Ben Whitmore will explain what happened

Paul Winstanley and Mike Marable have released the next part of their conditional access series, this one looks at all things Application Protection

Part 10 from Paul and Mike is also out, this one looks at the preview functionality to require MFA for Microsoft portals

Paul has also looked at some of the new web clip options available for iOS and iPad OS with 2307

A fourth post from Paul, this one looking at macOS and deploying unmanaged apps to your macOS devices with this new preview functionality

Paul has had a busy week, a fifth post (is that a record?), this one looking at moving a Win365 cloud PC

Michael Meier runs through the driver management functionality in this post with a full run-through of how to use it

Next, learn all about RBAC for Intune and why it is so important in this post from Mattias Melkersen Kalvåg

The Azure Monitor agent is a powerful tool to grab useful analytics data from your devices to then ingest and review. This thorough post from Jannik Reinhard runs you through the whole process to get you up and running

An exciting new addition for Windows 365. You can now pass through the local webcam to your cloud machine when accessing via the web browser. Find out more here from Niall Brady

MDE is a fantastic tool, but if you have a large estate, tracking devices with a faulty or mis-configured sensor can be a challenge. Fortunately Shehan Perera has put together a useful logic app which will post to Teams when it discovers a sensor fault

Some new reporting functionality added in 2307 is the ability to look at individual setting compliance within a compliance policy. Jitesh Kumar looks at it further in this post

A second post from Jitesh looking at the new Company Portal uninstall functionality

Find out how to use Intune and MDE to block dangerous websites in this post from Abhinav Rana

As mentioned earlier, you can now uninstall apps within Company Portal. Learn all about it here with Prajwal Desai

If you are finding yourself with the Autopatch is Inactive error, this second post from Prajwal should be useful:

App registrations are incredibly useful, but if your secrets expire, anything using them will stop working. To avoid letting that happen, use this script from Joey Verlinden to track them down

Rudy Ooms has released the second part of the recent series, this one covering what the “policyconsistencyensurerjob” does and yes, it includes a flow-chart

A second post from Rudy, this time trying to work out what MMP-C actually stands for:

For anyone starting their Intune and Autopilot journey, this post from Niklas Rast is a good starting point

If you are using Patch My PC for App Deployment, have a look at these tips from Matias Magnus Andersen to speed up app delivery

Watermarking for AVD and Windows 365 is now in GA and you can find out how to use it here with Dominiek Verham

Florian Salzmann has released an excellent guide on setting up your very first tenant ready for Intune management

Calling all macOS admins, learn how to use the excellent Intune Uploaded from Tobias Almén

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with the next episode from Matt Call, this one finishes the series on RBAC looking at composite roles and what happens when permissions overlap

Jitesh Kumar runs through the new features in 2307 here

The latest is now live with Adam Gross and Steven Hosking looking at Microsoft Defender for Endpoint on iOS

Saurabh Sarkar shows how to load balance your SCEP and NDES certificate management using Intune

Every Intune admin should know Entra ID, here is an excellent beginners guide from Dean Cefola

Debabrata Pati runs through deploying Windows LAPS and troubleshooting it in this next video

We now have two videos recorded at MMS where Harjit Dhaliwal and Joe Lurie shared some of their conversations with various Intune experts

Everyone should have a test lab, never deploy to production! Find out how to setup a M365 dev tenant in this video from Dean Ellerby

Microsoft Content

Looking at the Microsoft content, Priya Ravichandran looks at how to manage system updates on your managed Android devices

With the announcement of support for Microsoft Azure Attestation, this guide will run through basic checks to ensure your devices can support it

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!

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