Intune Newsletter – 22nd September 2023

Welcome to this weeks newsletter. I hope those of you at Experts Live have enjoyed the event and safe travels to anyone attending the ninja summit next week.

Community Content

First, find out how to restrict device login to only certain users in this post from Peter van der Woude

Shehan Perera has released part three of the Autopatch deep dive, this one looking at migrating from your current update solution to the Autopatch service

If you manage mobile devices you will probably have come across the issue of contacts only appearing within Outlook and not within the native applications. Fortunately Brad Wyatt has put together a comprehensive post here to fix the issue using Graph, SharePoint and more!

You can now fully automate Apple device enrollment using Apple Configurator and Apple Automator. Find out how in this post from Somesh Pathak

Next, Niels Kok looks at automating Winget app deployment using an Azure Pipeline and a script from Stephan van Rooij

Whilst I would never recommend straight importing your GPOs into Intune, it is always useful to clean-up what you have on-prem prior to any Intune config so you know exactly what you need to create. This script from Przemyslaw Klys should help considerably!

For those of you managing mapped drives using Intune, you have my sympathy. To help fix one issue, check out this script from Matias Magnus Andersen to autoconnect the drives for you

We now have FIVE! posts from Michael Niehaus! The first shows how you could use something other than SCCM to deploy an image built using it

And how to do the same with MDT images

The third is a very useful script which will return whether your device is currently in OOBE. This is especially useful for Requirements scripts where you only want an application to install once the user is logged in

The fourth post from Michael looks at Hybrid AAD Join (or Hybrid Entra Join) and why it’s so fussy

In the fifth post, learn how to take the ESP apart and inject your own processes into it

Find out the best way to deploy M365 apps, especially when updating from older versions in this post from Gannon Novak

Rudy Ooms has released part 5 of the series in declared configuration, this one looking at what happens if the configuration becomes corrupt

Learn how to use the new Uninstall functionality in Company portal in this post from Florian Salzmann

This post from René Laas will show you how to configure and deploy Defender Smart Screen using Intune Settings Catalog and why you should be using it

If you are running a macOS estate, learn how to deploy MDE to your devices with this post from Nathan Hutchinson (especially if you are currently using Splunk…)

Learn all about device compliance and how to force it using Conditional Access in this post from Niklas Tinner

Tugay Taskin has released an updated version of the useful Setup Packager tool to quickly create IntuneWin packages

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with a first look at the new Remote Help functionality for Android from Andy Jones

This video from Chander Mani Pandey looks at how to transfer devices between tenants using offline JSON

Next, Nick Ross looks at CIS baselines, how they link to M365 and things to look for. The guide in the comments is well worth checking out as well

Find out all about Defender for IOT and using it for Enterprise IOT security here with Dean Ellerby

A second video from Dean, this one looking at the new Remote Launch functionality recently added to Remote Help

A third video from Dean looking at some of the app packaging/testing/deployment tools and services available for Intune

Anoop Nair compares the different DaaS offerings here

A whole series here from John Bryntze covering Android management from start to finish

Learn to master and manage Android with Microsoft Intune – YouTube

Learn how to deploy Entra Cloud Sync in this video from Michael Mardahl

The Windows 365 AMA is here, this one features Christian Montoya, Andrej Radinger and Curtis Sawin

We have a new Intune.Training episode (04) featuring Adam Gross, Steven Hosking and Jóhannes Geir Kristjansson covering how to add a custom domain to your new tenant

We also have a new Tackling Tech video (and new season no less), looking at all things Cloud Computing featuring Harjit Dhaliwal and Christiaan Brinkhoff

Microsoft Content

With the release of iOS 17, Intune supports all of the new features, check it out here from Intune support team.

That’s it for this week, have an amazing weekend!

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