Finding Uninstall Commands for all installed apps

Whilst I’m a massive fan of PMPC, Scappman and Winget, there are times where I have to go old fashioned and package applications myself

I’ve found the best way of detecting the uninstall string to use is to install the application (ideally in a sandbox) and then go digging through the registry which works well, but is time consuming.

To speed things up, here is my latest script which digs through 32-bit and 64-bit registry keys and grabs the app name and uninstall string.

You then have the option to export to a CSV or output in a gridview where you can select a row and it will drop the uninstall into the copy buffer.

As always, you can find it on GitHub:

Or the PowerShell Gallery

Install-Script -Name list-uninstall-keys

Happy uninstalling!

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