Intune Newsletter – 13th October 2023

Welcome everyone, the weeks are really flying by at the moment. Fortunately the incredible content from this community is keeping up!

Community Content

We start this week with an excellent guide from Niklas Rast on how to deploy and configure Defender for Endpoint on your iOS devices

Intune can link to third party connectors to add to your compliance policies, especially useful in a mixed estate. Find out how to deploy and configure in this post from Shehan Perera

One feature currently missing from Intune is to list everything currently applied to an Entra Group. For that you can use this script from Timmy Andersson which has been updated to use the latest PowerShell Graph SDK

In the quest to go fully passwordless, one important step is to stop your users from being able to login with that option. This post from Peter van der Woude will show you how

Next, many organisations want to block the use of command prompt for end users, but without completely blocking it across Windows. Jitesh Kumar looks at the required settings to achieve that goal here.

Michael Meier has released the fourth part of the series on reporting BIOS settings with PowerBi (if you haven’t read the others, check those out). This one shows how to retrieve data from the machines and display within a report

The first of a two-parter from Jannik Reinhard covering how to manage security settings on your non-Intune managed devices using Defender for Endpoint

If you are getting started with PowerShell and Graph, have a read of this post from Harm Veenstra which covers using the excellent X-Ray browser plugin to see exactly what is happening beneath the GUI

A new feature recently gone GA is the ability to use PIM and JIT against Entra Groups. This post from Rahul Jindal looks at how to configure and use CA to further protect your environment when using elevated access

Next, with the release of remote help for macOS, learn how to deploy and use it with Torbjorn (Mr T-Bone) Granheden

If you have been using Peter Klapwijk‘s Logic App to import Autopilot Devices, you may have noticed the trigger is now deprecated. Peter has a fix though which you can find here

We have a second post from Peter this week, this one showing how to disable the “Try new outlook” toggle within Outlook

When managing an Intune estate, there are many things you need to be implementing and keeping an eye on. Niklas Tinner runs through some of them here and why they are so important

If you run Lenovo devices, check out this post from Philip Jorgensen to update your drivers and BIOS during Autopilot using the Thin Installer application

Learn how to deploy the all-new Teams client in this post from Arno van Dijk

Another look at deploying the new teams client, this time as a Win32 app using PSADT from Matias Magnus Andersen

Learn why and how to go beyond password security alone here with Lewis Barry

Next, Peter Klapwijk shows how to deploy printers to your cloud joined devices

Find out how to combine Windows 365 Boot and Frontline to fully power your multi-user devices here with Dominiek Verham

Office updates are just as important as Windows ones and can sometimes be more troublesome. If you are not already using update rings for Office updates, have a read of this post from Joost Gelijsteen

If you are using SCCM, 2309 has just been released and Niall Brady has released a video guide on upgrading to it

Learn how to create an Android kiosk device in this guide from Narendra Malepati

If you use VB scripts in your environment, start planning for their removal from Windows as covered here by Vidya M A

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with how to bulk change the primary user of a device with Chander Mani Pandey

We have the latest video, this one features Adam Gross and Steven Hosking, covering how to setup your Managed Play Store to deploy Android apps to managed devices

Microsoft Content

Security Copilot is now in early access. This article looks at how it can be used with Intune

That’s it for this week, have an incredible weekend!

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