Intune Newsletter – 20th October 2023

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Community Content

We start with a look at the new “config refresh” functionality and how to enable it in your tenant from Peter van der Woude

Nicklas Ahlberg also looks at Config Refresh and how to deploy it in this post

There is a new addition to conditional access to require MFA when accessing admin portals. Learn all about it here with Joey Verlinden

If you are managing macOS devices, this post from Somesh Pathak is well worth reading around managing updates of your Microsoft applications

A second post from Somesh this week looking at some recent errors with Windows Defender

Rudy Ooms has released part 7 of the series looking at WinDc, this one investigating the refresh task seen on Intune joined devices

If you manage any Intel NUC devices, you can use this script from Damien Van Robaeys to manage the BIOS settings on them

If you want to auto-assign Android Managed Google Play apps, check out this Logic App from René Laas

For many, MDM scopes in Entra are a set and forget config, but sometimes those settings can cause issues as Shehan Perera found here

If you want to lock down your devices to allow printing to only certain approved printers, follow this guide from Katy Nicholson

Next, learn all about custom device compliance, including a useful example with Harvansh Singh

This excellent post from Jose Schenardie shows how to use the Windows Update log generation tool, deploy and run silently and grab the output remotely!

Next, we have a post and script from Prajwal Desai showing how to create a local admin account on your macOS devices using Intune

On the subject of admin rights, learn how you can use access packages to provide temporary admin rights on your Intune managed devices in this post from Niklas Rast

Whilst Settings Catalog keeps growing, there are times where manipulating the registry is a better (or only) approach. In this post, Florian Salzmann looks at the different ways to deploy registry keys using Intune

Stephan van Rooij has released a new win32 prep tool which is fully open source and cross platform, well worth checking out

A new script from Harm Veenstra to report on the status of your autopilot profiles, devices and sync status

If you are managing AVD machines, this post from Gannon Novak contains a remediation to deploy the Teams Machine wide installer to your hosts

Learn how to use Graph to deploy incompatible winget store apps in this post from Sander Rozemuller

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with a new series from the team at MSEndpointMgr, this time featuring Nickolaj Andersen, Mattias Melkersen Kalvåg and special guest Lavanya Lakshman covering all things Anomaly detection and Settings insights

We also have a special edition of Windows in the Cloud from the Workplace Ninja Summit covering all things AVD and Win365 featuring Christiaan Brinkhoff, Morten Pedholt, Peter Daalmans and Ola Ström

The latest video is now live with Steven Hosking and Adam Gross. This one covers provisioning Android devices using Intune

Microsoft Content

Now onto the Microsoft content, starting with news that you can now use EPM with your Windows 365 machine from Matt Shadbolt

We also have an excellent Intune migrations getting started guide here

The latest skilling snack has arrived and comes from Rafal Sosnowski looking at all things Bitlocker

Learn how to get early access to Intune Security Copilot here from Shravana Mukherjee and Lavanya Lakshman

That’s it for this week, have an amazing weekend!

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