Intune Newsletter – 3rd November 2023

November is here and I have seen my first Christmas TV advert so the countdown has definitely begun and after the clock change here, it is feeling a lot more like winter! We have some excellent content this week from this incredible community.

Community Content

We start this week with an excellent look at the new iOS web based enrollment (no more Company Portal requirement) with Peter van der Woude

Next, Thomas Marcussen has an in-depth look at the Autopatch Groups functionality

Niklas Tinner has started a new series on Windows 365 starting with this post with a great overview

Now for two posts from Eswar Koneti, starting with a script to grab the inventory data from Intune using Graph

The second post has some tips on configuring your Windows update policies for the best user experience

Learn how to go passwordless with Windows and Intune here with Peter Klapwijk

A second post from Peter, this time with some scripts to map network drives using Intune

This first part of a new series from Martin Himken looks at how to discover what is assigned to a group

With the release of Windows 11 23H2, you may need to update your Intune filters. For a more automated approach, check out this script from Sander Rozemuller

Check out some conditional launch suggestions for app protection here with Shady Khorshed

If you are using the latest insider builds and having issues with EPM, check out this troubleshooting guide from Rudy Ooms

I do love a bit of Graph automation. This new series from Niall Brady and Paul Winstanley looks at automating Windows 365, starting with the first Graph connection

Learn the differences between Hybrid and Entra Joined devices from Vidya M A and why not to use Hybrid join with Autopilot

Now we have Windows 11 23H2, follow this guide from Joey Verlinden to start deploying to your devices

Next, Manish Bangia looks at the different types of Windows Update for Business policies

Intune 2310 release includes the ability to import and export Settings Catalog policies as JSON. Find out how here with Prajwal Desai

Defender for Endpoint includes web content filtering which I often find is under-utilised. You can find out more about it in this post from Niklas Rast

If you are getting an error when importing ADMX policies about a missing namespace, find the fix here from Florian Salzmann

Now most people are running the new Teams client, you may want to deploy custom background centrally to it. Fortunately Gannon Novak demonstrates how in this post using Remediations

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with a method to update the primary user in Intune with Chander Mani Pandey

The latest spooky edition of unpacking endpoint management is here featuring Danny Guillory Jr, Harjit Dhaliwal, Joe Lurie, Rachelle Blanchard and Steve Thomas. It covers your potential work fears and how to overcome them.

Learn all about EPM in this comprehensive video from Steve Weiner

We have a second video from Steve showing how to get started with Remote Help

Learn about the exiting new features in the Intune 2310 release with Mattias Melkersen Kalvåg and Nickolaj Andersen

We have a new Windows 365 series here from Ola Ström and Morten Pedholt with the first episode covering configuring a provisioning policy

Microsoft Content

Now onto the Microsoft content for this week, starting with two new higher powered SKUs for Windows 365 from Seneca Friend

With Ignite looming, if you are attending, make sure you check out these Intune sessions (thanks to Bethany Foyt)

Sign up now for the technical takeoff event for all things Intune with Heather Poulsen

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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