Intune Newsletter – 27th October 2023

Welcome to the spooky Halloween special Intune newsletter, full of creepy content and haunting videos (maybe)

Community Content

We start this week with Rudy Ooms digging into the Intune DLLs again, this time discovering some clues pointing to a new version 2 of Autopilot…

Next, for anyone doing app packaging, PSADT is a great way to standardise under a single platform. Learn more about it in this post from Niklas Rast

Following on from last weeks post on how to manage the BIOS on Intel NUC devices, Damien Van Robaeys shows how to export the settings into PowerShell or CSV

Shehan Perera has continued the series looking at Autopatch with the latest two posts. The first covers how to enrol your tenant into the service and then add your devices to be managed by it.

The second post looks at the Entra groups and Intune policies created during enrollment

Thomas Marcussen also runs through configuring Autopatch in this comprehensive post

You may want to temporarily, or permanently allow new enterprise features on your Windows devices (CoPilot for example). To find out how to manage them from Intune, read this post from Peter van der Woude

We now have two updated posts and scripts plus a new post from Michael Niehaus with some fixes. The first is a script to run an MDT task sequence during Autopilot

The second update is a script used to deploy updates during Autopilot

The third post from Michael includes a script to rename your Autopilot devices

Another updated script, this one comes from Timmy Andersson and can be used to run a sync across all devices in the estate

This post from Torbjorn (Mr T-Bone) Granheden looks at the different options for wiping a device within the Intune portal

Next, Michael Meier looks at windows sign-in using passwordless and web authentication including how to configure within Intune

Prepare your environment for CoPilot by following these tips from Simon Skotheimsvik

Now for two posts from Jan Bakker. The first showing how to prepare your environment for the release of device passkeys

Jan’s second post covers how you can use a Logic App to create a temporary access pass for user self-service

This post from Somesh Pathak looks at the advantaged of using Federated Authentication with your Apple Business Manager devices

A second post from Somesh, looking at what declarative device management is and why it is such an improvement on MDM for your mobile devices

You may want to enable CoPilot within Edge for your managed devices. If you do, check out this guide from Peter Klapwijk

In larger organisations, there will be some areas of the business which need different layers of permissions and this also applies to LAPS. You may not want one department accessing the local admin on another one. For that, look at how to use LAPS with Administrative units in this post from Tom Machado

If you want to migrate your existing devices, but don’t have SCCM for a rapid rebuild, Johan Arwidmark has you covered with a task sequence template for MDT

An exciting new addition, you can now enrol iOS devices using web based enrollment, rather then relying on Company portal! Find out more in this post from Moe Kinani

Next, find out how to use Tamper Protection with your Windows 365 machines in this post from Dominiek Verham

Learn how to schedule your Windows updates using Autopatch deployment cadence in this post from Niels Kok

Video Content

Now onto this weeks video content, starting with how to setup Windows LAPS (now in GA) from Andy Jones

Next, Chander Mani Pandey demonstrates how to use PowerShell to bulk update Autopilot group tags

Learn all about the Intune Change Tracking workbook from Niklas Tinner here

To find out all about the latest Windows release information, watch this video featuring Rachelle Blanchard, Mabel Gomes and Santoshi Kandula

Microsoft Content

Onto the Microsoft content with a look at Windows Passwordless and Intune from Sayali Kale

The device connectivity experience for Defender for Endpoint has been improved, find out more with Marysia Kaminska

Learn all about the voice accessibility feature in Windows in this latest skilling snack from Ben Watt

Some exciting new additions on the 2310 release, find out all about them here with Ramya Chitrakar

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend and a spooky Halloween!

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