Intune Newsletter – 1st December 2023

Welcome to December, it may be getting colder, but it’s also getting a lot more festive! We have a special edition newsletter this week with the Microsoft Tech Takeoff event so I have added an extra section with all of the exciting content shared during it, well worth checking out!

Community Content

We start this week with a look at the new Windows 365 SKUs including GPU support from Dominiek Verham

A second post from Dominiek this week, this one looking at watermarking on W365 machines and how you can add a QR code to quickly track the source

Next, learn how you can use PowerShell and a DevOps pipeline to monitor for changes in your environment and be alerted on detection with Michael Meier

This post from Jannik Reinhard shows how to create an Intuen dashboard with insights into your environment using Python and Sweetviz

Next, Manish Bangia runs through how to use a temporary access pass with autopilot to setup a new device without requiring credentials, an excellent approach for remote new starters

This post from Damien Van Robaeys demonstrates how to use a logic app to export a list of discovered apps onto SharePoint

This post and script from Jörgen Nilsson and Sassan Fanai will help deploy the new teams MSIX client to your devices

Learn all about DDM for iOS and macOS devices in this post from Vidya Sasidharan

Vidya also looks at the new copilot functionality here

Windows 11 22H2 and above now supports web sign-in without requiring TAP. Find out more here with Peter van der Woude

Oktay Sari has released an even better script for managing drive mappings with macOS, grab a copy here

If you are looking to implement CIS baselines in your environment, Dennis Rietveld has released all settings in easily importable JSON using Settings catalog here

This script from Joey Verlinden can deploy a startup/shutdown task to your Intune managed devices without requiring Group Policy

Another script, this one from Brady Widener to quickly display the last logged in users for a device and the time of the last login

This post from Matias Magnus Andersen shows how to deploy the IntelliJ app and Rider plugin using a Win32 app whilst interacting with the user context

Learn all about the new Windows app for connecting to both AVD AND W365 here with Ola Ström

Monitoring your Intune environment, especially with multiple admins can be a job in itself. Use this excellent Power Automate setup from Tom Machado to receive email alerts when anyone performs actions you want to check

Brad Wyatt gives Sander’s excellent IntuneCLI a test run in this post, including instructions for installing and configuring it

Break-glass accounts are critical and often overlooked when dealing with your Entra environment. This post from Niklas Rast shows how you can both configure them and monitor their usage

Learn about detection scripts for Win32 apps in this post from Harm Veenstra

This script from Julien Becerro will auto-update your applications using Winget, but with extra control over exclusions, update times and all sorts of other goodness

Next, Thomas Marcussen answers some common questions around Windows 365 in this post

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with the latest video from Steven Hosking and Adam Gross. This episodes covers enrolling your linux devices

Next, Steven Weiner looks at how to migrate your config between Intune tenants

A second video from Steve this week, this one covering how to configure custom compliance policies

Steve’s third video covers the user experience when using the Intune migration tool (v3)

This video from Nick Ross runs through what was announced across M365 at Ignite

Andy Malone also looks at what is new in M365 in this video

Following up on the CIS baselines from Dennis above, Dean Ellerby has looked at them in this video

Learn why app attach for AVD will make managing hosts and apps so much easier in this video from Dean Cefola

Have a look at the Control Up Intune integration in this video from Sujin Nelladath

Niklas Tinner looks at using Intune for device control including some demos here

Find out more about migrating from on-prem to cloud joined devices in the latest 425 show featuring Jason Sandys and Grace Picking

Tech Takeoff

On to the special feature this week, the technical takeoff. The first video features Aria Carley, Harjit Dhaliwal, Brett Flegg and Donna Ryan and discusses migrating to Windows 11, Modern Management, cloud machines and everything else involved.

The second video covers getting started with Intune security policies from Julia Idaewor

Next, learn about MAM for Windows (now in GA) with Daniel Emerson

Learn all about W365 and AVD (and Devbox) plus a comparison of them including demos with Carolyn Carnes and Scott Manchester

On a similar theme, learn what is planned for W365 and AVD here with Sandeep Patnaik, Roop Kiran Chevuri and Nandita Sharma

Find out what’s new for Windows firewall and integrations with Nick Welton and then David Weston covers Windows 11 security

Learn all about Windows Autopatch and the new features available with Harjit Dhaliwal and Harman Thind

This video covers how you can use Intune to manage your AVD and Windows 365 machines from Go Komatsu and Jason Parker

If you haven’t yet tried Universal Print, you can learn about the security behind it here with Rachelle Cheung

Learn about the exciting app management functionality (and a demo) here with Joe Lurie and Danny Guillory Jr

Learn about EPM and LAPS, plus what’s coming soon in this video with Matt Call, Eric Schreiber and Laura Arrizza

Hear some hints and tips on migrating to cloud managed devices with Lior Bela, Mirko Colemberg, Peter Klapwijk and Jóhannes Geir Kristjánsson

Ben Murphy and Anusha Reddy look at some new AI and reporting with alerts reatures for W365 and AVD

Learn what’s new in Windows identity and credential protection including passwordless authentication with Matthew Palko and Eric Dauner

Now for a session looking at advanced analytics and Intune reporting, including AI and automation! with Liz Cox, David Alessi and Zineb Takafi

Whilst this is mostly Intune, many of you will no doubt be using AD at the user level so lets find out what is new in AD with Wayne McIntyre and Linda Taylor

There’s no escaping Windows updates, learn the latest changes and what’s upcoming here with David Guyer, Ryan Williams, Angie Chen and Monty Jain

Pratik Shah and David Bélanger look at zero trust and security approaches for your cloud machines

Next, take a look at Windows on arm with Phani Krishna Maringanti

A video I’m sure everyone is interested in (one of my favourites), learn all about the next gen features for Intune (and a bit of AI) with Lavanya Lakshman, Scott Duffey and Rai Ashok

A Q&A session next on all things cloud management with Joe Lurie, Juanita Baptiste, Deepika Wadhwa and Jason Sandys

Dave Randall and Brian Link cover all things Graph, Automation and low code in this video

Another session I have been looking forward to, Microsoft Cloud PKI with Bill Calero

Looking to migrate to Windows 365 or AVD, watch this video from Eric Orman, Swathi Bhat and Claus Emrich to find out the differences between them and how to migrate.

Next, find out more about remote help for Intune across all supported platforms (no iOS yet) with Kara Wang

This video from Jay Simmons looks at Windows LAPS, what has recently been added and what’s planned for it.

Test base is an incredibly useful tool for testing your applications prior to Windows 11 migration. Learn more here with Tina Chen

If you are a VMWare Horizon estate, you can hear more about the integration with Windows 365 here with Andrej Radinger

This next video looks at how Intune has improved for macOS management, featuring Arnab Biswas, Ernesto Lara-Matthews and Neil Johnson

You often hear about Windows 365 enterprise, but if you want to know more about the business sku, watch this video with Kate Werner, Lakshmi Rayasam and Kathryn Jakubek

Next, we have an AMA for Windows Subsystem for Linux featuring Craig Loewen and Paul Huijbregts

A video about Windows updates, always worth a watch! This one covers troubleshooting with Mustafa Jamal, plus a tackling tech from Harjit Dhaliwal and Aria Carley

Learn all about managing your frontline workers across platforms using Intune here with Jessica Yang, Chevelyn de Mello and Matt Yandek

Expanding the options for frontline workers, find out what’s in store for Windows 365 frontline here with Sam Tulimat, Khyati Shah and Anusha Reddy

MSIX and app attach can supercharge your AVD deployments. Learn more here with Jim Moyle and Sushant Bansal

The final session of the Technical Takeoff is a full round table with many experts: Joe Lurie, Deepika Wadhwa, Venkata Pampana, Alemeshet Atemu, Peter Richards and Ciaran Murphy for the first half. For the second half, Joe is joined by Aria Carley, Jason Sandys, Jason Leznek, Adam Nichols and Sean McLaren


Now for some demos from Tech Takeoff, first up is the new Windows driver experience

Now for 3 LAPS demos, first is linking the LAPS account with the local device password age policy

Next, a demo of the post authentication actions

Integration with smart card policy:

How to enable accounts during safe-mode boot-up

Intune Advanced Analytics demo

Intune Analytics battery health reporting

Troubleshooting with security copilot

Using copilot for policy generation

Remote Help in action

A demo of EPM

Microsoft Content

We all love a remediation, find out about some of the magic you can do with them in this post from Michael Hildebrand in the first of a 12 days of Christmas series

On the second day of the 12 days of Christmas, Michael gave to us…a guide to using web sign-in

Some exciting updates to the Managed Home Screen app here from Abigail Stein including how to opt in to the preview

The latest skilling snack is here and covers content delivery and bandwidth optimization from Carmen Forsmann and Narkis Engler

That’s it for this week (well done for getting this far), have a great weekend!

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