Intune Newsletter – 22nd December 2023

Welcome to the festive special newsletter with some last minute content before the holidays!

Community Content

We start this week with a guide covering best practices when looking to migrate from on-prem GPO managed to Intune, cloud management from James Robinson

If you have specific machines which you don’t want users to be able to shut down, follow this guide from Peter van der Woude

Next, we have a post and video from Chris Hudson looking at all of the features of Intune suite

This script from Martin Bengtsson can be used in Intune or SCCM to quickly remove applications from devices

Learn all about Windows 365 frontline, what it is for and how to configure it with Sune Thomsen

Aresh Sarkari looks at the new Cloud PC actions report in Windows 365 as well as accessing via Graph in this post

For those of you using Entra app registrations for any tasks, this script from Brad Wyatt can be used to alert when the secrets are due to expire.

This next post from Rahul Jindal covers MDE device tags for macOS devices and how to apply them, both manually and automatically

If you are currently using Entra Connect Sync, this post from Torbjorn (Mr T-Bone) Granheden looks at why you should migrate to Cloud Sync and how to do so

For those of you going passwordless, you are probably using temporary access passes. Follow this guide from Niklas Tinner to alert users when a pass has been created for them as an extra layer of security

We have a second post from Niklas, this time testing Entra Internet access

Next, Florian Salzmann shows how to deploy the new Teams client and remove the old one using Intune

Learn how to deploy your Android devices with zero touch in this post from Gannon Novak

If you are licensed for Defender for Endpoint, this post from Daniel Bradley shows have to enable and enroll your devices using Intune

Ugur Koc show how to collect custom inventory data for macOS devices here, including some bash scripts

If you support multiple regions, this post from Niklas Rast shows how to add languages during Autopilot

Next, Chris Hudson looks at your options for managing devices and apps depending on use-case scenarios

Find out how using Windows 365 can reduce your carbon footprint in this post from Thomas Marcussen

This comprehensive post from Shehan Perera covers migrating from Config Manager to Intune Cloud-only

Video Content

Now for a two part video from Steven Weiner covering using Chocolatey and Intune to update your apps

Steve also has a video on deploying apps via Chocolatey using Intune without packaging as an application–QMZXQ

Steve is joined by Lisa Berenberg in the latest podcast discussing migrating to modern device management

This video from Mattias Melkersen Kalvåg and Nickolaj Andersen runs through what’s new in the 2311 and 2312 Intune releases

Microsoft Content

Onto the Microsoft content with some issues to be aware of if upgrading to Android 14 from the Intune Support Team. If you manage Android devices, you need to read this!

Learn what is new in the December 2312 release here with Ramya Chitrakar

There are some changes coming to Apple Device Enrollment which you can learn about here from the Intune Support Team

That’s it for this week, have an incredible holiday!!

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