Intune Newsletter – 29th December 2023

Welcome to the final newsletter of 2023, I managed to squeeze in one more in the downtime between Christmas and 2024 as there is still content coming from this incredible community!

Community Content

We start this week with a comprehensive look at protecting data on iOS and Android devices using App Protection policies from Gannon Novak

Next, Michael Niehaus fixes an issue when using Autopilot for existing devices to automatically skip the region (also covered in the video content below)

We also have a second post from Michael looking at the community versions of get-windowsautopilotinfo and the associated module

Next, we have two posts from Gowdhaman Karthikeyan, the first supercharges WUfB reporting to filter based on scope tags

The second post from Gowdhaman covers optimizing dynamic group membership rules

Next, Sune Thomsen looks at Windows 365 boot including how to configure it and how it looks in practice

On the subject of Windows 365, Niklas Tinner has released the next in the series, this time looking at using it for privileged access workstations

If you are using Okta, this post from Jon Towles shows how to use Windows 365 boot with Okta for MFA

This post from Rahul Jindal shows how to use App Configuration policies to tag with the Defender app

Next, we have a comprehensive Intune design guide from Thomas Marcussen with considerations when planning your new deployment

This post from Florian Salzmann looks at some new preview functionality in Entra to reduce token theft via continuous evaluation

Chris Hudson looks at Entra Private access and whether it could replace a traditional VPN for accessing on-prem infrastructure here

Video Content

Onto the video content, starting with a look at Windows 365 boot, configuration and a live demo from Andy Jones

We now have two videos from Steven Weiner showing how to enrol Windows devices into Defender for Endpoint and then moving onto devices running macOS

Steve has also recorded the third part of the podcast, this one looks at Microsoft Graph with Logan Lautt

As mentioned by Michael above, this video from Johan Arwidmark‘s ConfigMas 2023 (it’s worth checking them all out too) looks at using autopilot for existing devices and the fixed region functionality

We now have the first episode in a new series from the team at Master Packager. This one covers wrapping Notepad++ for Intune deployment from Edijs Perkums and Toms Knostenbergs

That’s it for this week and this year. I will see you again in 2024!!

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