Intune Newsletter – 26rd January 2024

Welcome one and all to this weeks exciting newsletter, read-on and enjoy!

Community Content

We start this week with a very useful script from Ugur Koc which lists any scope tags assigned to everything within Intune also with export functionality

This post from Sam Cunliffe offers a useful comparison between AVD and Windows 365 when planning your cloud PC deployments

If you need to change device categories, this script from Remy Kuster will do so using Graph and Powershell (although note it’s using the microsoft.graph.intune module)

For a quick look at the exciting new things coming to M365 in 2024, Niklas Tinner has you covered here

If you are running co-management, Gowdhaman Karthikeyan has released a remediation script to allow Intune to manage your driver updates whilst keeping Windows updates in SCCM

Next, Rahul Jindal shows how to fix a 65000 error when configuring tamper protection policies in Intune

Eswar Koneti has released a script here to replicate RSOP functionality but for Intune, well worth checking out!

Eswar also has a new remediation here to check users are using the new Teams client

M365 backup may have slipped by for many of you, especially with Copilot now released. Fortunately Joey Verlinden takes a look at it here for you

We have a second post from Joey, this one showing how to use the Defender API to offboard a device

Chris Hudson also has a look at M365 backup including full instructions to enrol your tenant

If you haven’t come across Windows 365 Switch, this thorough post from Sune Thomsen is an excellent introduction

Next, Daniel Bradley has released a script to deploy LAPS using only PowerShell

We have a second post from Daniel looking at using batching to speed up graph requests

If you want to learn more about AVD, this post from Thomas Marcussen is an excellent starting point

This post from Peter van der Woude digs into the IME health checks and what exactly they do

Rudy Ooms has been trying to break things again, this time looking at a (now fixed) but in the new LAPS insider config

For those of you dealing with global organizations, this script from Harm Veenstra will detect and set the timezone automatically on your devices

Next, Joost Gelijsteen looks at the different security baselines available within Intune

This post from Jan Mulder shows how to enable device diagnostics and what it grabs

Salona Sahni has started a new series looking at Defender for Endpoint, this first post looks at the services and licensing required (link translated to English)

Michael Niehaus has looked at updating Windows during Autopilot and has some performance suggestions if using a VM

If you haven’t signed up for the workplace Ninja UK usergroup in-person event on 7th February in London, find out more about it here with Dean Ellerby

Video Content

Now onto the video content, starting with a look at bulk enrolling macOS devices with Company Portal and conditional access policies from Chander Mani Pandey

Next, Craig Camacho demonstrates how to configure, deploy and use remote help

We now have three videos from Steven Weiner, starting with an introduction to Microsoft graph and using it with Intune

Next, Steve expands from the first episode to look at using the Graph SDK for PowerShell.

This is then taken further by looking at building functions using PowerShell and Graph

We also have the next podcast from Steve, this time joined by Jesse Weimer and Joe Gwynne discussing upgrading to Windows 11

This video from Anoop Nair looks at the security copilot integration with Intune and the KQL device query functionality

The latest Tackling Tech is here where Harjit Dhaliwal interviews Divya Yadav to discuss Copilot

Niklas Tinner has released the next part of the Windows 365 series, this one covers connecting to your new cloud PC

We also have the latest Windows in the cloud AMA covering all things W365 featuring Christian Montoya, Colby Hanley, Hilary Braun, Elina Luthra and Marvin Quinzon

This video from Dean Ellerby shows how to link your Entra tenant to Apple Business Manager and then federate your users

Andy Jones looks at the new Windows 365 boot functionality in his latest video

Microsoft Content

Now onto the Microsoft content with the latest skilling snack looking at all of the security built into your Windows hardware from Katharine Holdsworth

Ramya Chitrakar runs through what’s new in the January 2024 release including the much anticipated Device Query functionality

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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