Intune Newsletter – 9th February 2024

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Community Content

Updating your store apps is critical, even if you don’t push any out, the built-in apps still need to be updated. Nick Benton has a remediation here to force update the apps for you

Peter Klapwijk has been troubleshooting an issue to use passwordless sign-in with Microsoft Authenticator. This post shows how to fix the issue

Next, Florian Salzmann looks at the different ways to remove the Store icon using Intune

Looking through logs is a key part when managing an environment, but with Intune it can feel like a battle. This post from Mike van den Brandt runs through different scenarios and where to look for each

In this post, Peter van der Woude looks at the Enterprise App Management functionality

Paul Winstanley also looks at the App Catalog including the end-user experience here

You can tell this has been a popular release! Nicklas Ahlberg also runs through how to use it here

Michael Niehaus has added some excellent new functionality to the community version of the Autopilot diagnostics script which is well worth checking out

If you are seeing performance issues with Defender for Endpoint, this post from Rahul Jindal may help

For those of you managing AVD, Niels Kok has put together this excellent guide on how to use FSLogix with Entra joined devices

You may find Device Query is missing some information when looking at registry keys. Rudy Ooms finds out why here

Config Refresh is now in the latest insider builds which is an amazing new feature. To learn more about it and how it all works, read Rudy’s second post

With the great new additions to Intune Suite now GA (and cloud PKI to come), Jan Mulder runs through everything available in this post

If your Windows machine is refusing to project, David Brook may have the answer you are looking for

Oliver Kieselbach has released an update to the amazing SyncML Viewer, you can check it out here

If like me, KQL is not your strong point, Ugur Koc has added a load of Device Queries into this GitHub repo

Learn how to run device queries using Graph in this post from Damien Van Robaeys

Next, Arno van Dijk shows how to use Intune to manage your Teams rooms devices

Triggering apps to re-deploy is a pain involving registry keys and all sorted. John Marcum has created this remediation to automate it for you

James Robinson has done some digging into the Enterprise App Management API. If you want to find out what happens when you click the buttons, read on

Daniel Bradley has also been experimenting with Enterprise App Management and has a script here to list the currently available applications

Next, Niklas Rast looks at System and User context for apps and how to interact with the end-user when deploying in the system context

If you are managing Apple devices, this script from Gannon Novak will come in useful. It notifies when your certificates are going to expire

Next, Ola Ström runs through the new enterprise app management functionality

If you are managing drivers with Intune, this logic app from Peter Klapwijk will help automate the release of them on patch Tuesday

This post from Nicky De Westelinck shows how to use a Win32 app to deploy Teams backgrounds

If you are looking to block the Windows store on your Windows 11 devices, check out this post from Joey Verlinden

Next, Simon Skotheimsvik looks at DLP for Outlook, how to configure with Intune and the end user experience

Video Content

Steven Weiner has released version 6 of the excellent Intune Device Migration tool which you can learn all about in this video

Steve’s second video this week covers deploying the Autopilot Branding script from Michael Niehaus

We also have the latest podcast where Steve discusses Intune suite with Dustin Gullett

Niklas Tinner has released the next part of the Windows 365 series, this one covers setting up ESP and configuring your devices

In this video, Alex de Jong runs through getting started with Intune device management

Alex also runs through Android and iOS enrollment in these videos

Microsoft Content

Now onto the Microsoft content for the week starting with a look at how to improve the speed and efficiency of your dynamic group rules with Chris Kunze

We also have the exciting public preview release of universal printing for macOS as covered here by Robert Cunningham

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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