Intune Newsletter – 16th February 2024

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Community Content

We start this week with a guide on using Device query from Peter van der Woude including some useful queries to get you started

This post from Abhay Patil uses Power Automate to upload a hardware hash to Intune via simply sending an email to a shared mailbox

Next, Joost Gelijsteen runs through troubleshooting steps when dealing with Windows updates, including devices which are also GPO managed

Damien Van Robaeys uses Logic Apps here to send a teams message with the top 20 devices experiencing BSOD

Sometimes you need an app or config to only apply to net new devices, but up until now that involved creating Group tags which can become unmanageable. Fortunately Michael Meier has an automation script here which will create an Entra group for devices enrolled after a particular date

Next, Davide Salsi looks at what Security Copilot can do in Intune

This script from Gowdhaman Karthikeyan gives an easy to read report of where your assignment filters are being used

You can now force Filevault during macOS setup in Intune. Find out how here with Somesh Pathak

This post from Torbjorn (Mr T-Bone) Granheden looks at cleaning up inactive Intune devices and also a script to handle Entra devices

If you are managing shared devices, this post and requirements script from Jörgen Nilsson will help with app deployment

If you want to group your devices by user department, check out this guide and script from Remy Kuster

Thomas Marcussen compares Windows 365 and Dev boxes in this post

If you want to deploy custom backgrounds to the new Teams client, follow this guide from Florian Salzmann

Next, Niklas Rast looks at how you can block external USB access using Intune

For those of you managing macOS devices, this post from Nick Benton includes shell scripts for deploying custom Teams backgrounds for both new teams and the older one

If you are enrolling iOS devices, this post from Gannon Novak will help if you hit a passcode required error

Johan Vanneuville covers creating and updating your MSIX AppAttach packages for AVD here

Next, Jon Towles covers how to configure Kerberos cloud trust for on-prem SSO with cloud joined machines

Video Content

Now onto the video content, staring with a look at the improved user experience in the Intune migration tool from Steven Weiner

Steve also does a deep dive into how the new script works here (parts 1 and 2)

Craig Camacho looks at the new Enterprise App Management functionality in this video

Alex de Jong looks at the Windows device enrollment flow in this video

Alex also looks at ensuring your devices are compliant here

Learn about the new features for Windows 365 here with Christiaan Brinkhoff, Rinku Stephen, Elina Luthra and Derek Liu

Microsoft Content

Now for the Microsoft content starting with information about strong certificate mapping from the Intune support team

There is an update to supported Android versions with Intune, find out about them here

Learn about the new Windows Autopatch features here with Diana Hoffman

Learn how to protect your unmanaged Android and iOS devices using MDE with Arnab Mitra

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!

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