Intune Newsletter – 24th May 2024

Community Content

We start this week with a remediation to remove Quick Assist from your corporate devices from Martin Bengtsson

Next, Peter van der Woude looks at all of the available security options available when dealing with personally owned Windows devices

Damien Van Robaeys has released the latest part of the Log Analytics getting started guide. This one demonstrates how to access Log Analytics queries from inside Azure runbooks

If you need your devices fully updated at the end of Autopilot, try this script from Pavel Mirochnitchenko

Michael Meier has the next part of the config as code series, this one showing how to deploy App Control for Business XML policies using Azure DevOps

For those starting the cloud native journey, this post from Jannik Reinhard is well worth checking out with some useful tips to get started

If you have been following the other posts from Nick Benton, this final part merges it all into one script to rule them all. If you haven’t read the previous posts, start with the first one to understand what this script achieves

Config Refresh is coming soon to Intune, this post from Shehan Perera compares the refresh cycles between the existing functionality and the new option

If you saw the news about config refresh, but wonder why it isn’t working for you yet, check out this post from Rudy Ooms

Rudy also looks at the recently announced Autopilot Device Preparation (v2), official announcement below

Next, Niklas Tinner runs through end-to-end macOS enrollment using Intune

Also on the macOS theme, Florian Salzmann looks at how to use Platform SSO with Chrome

If you’re brave enough to attempt Hybrid Autopilot, try this guide from Joery Van den Bosch (and good luck!)

For those of you migrating to Proxmox, Niels Kok shows how you can enrol your VMs into Autopilot

Learn how to encrypt your email with cloud PKI in this post from Gerry Hampson

Learn how to use Entra Private access to connect to Azure File Shares here with Peter Klapwijk

Video Content

Onto the video content, starting with some sandbox fun from Steve Weiner, starting with a look at customizing it using PowerShell

Steve then looks at the run in sandbox tool to quickly launch apps in your newly customized sandbox environment

Steve also has a new podcast episode, this one interviewing Michael Niehaus to discuss all things Autopilot

Steve has had a busy week, this video covers mapping drives on cloud native devices

Next, Dean Ellerby looks at how Robopack can help with your application management and patching

Andy Jones looks at the new Android Device Staging functionality (read more in the Microsoft content below)

This video from Chander Mani Pandey covers enrolling Linux devices and the .toml file it uses

Microsoft Content

We have a lot of exciting announcements from Microsoft this week as well starting with a look at zero trust enrollment of macOS devices into MDE using Intune from Arnab Mitra

There is a new step available for Android enrollment to let vendors and third parties do the initial profile enrollment using “device staging”. Find out more here from Akriti Srivastava

A very popular announcement, you can now deploy feature update policies as optional so users can decide when to update. Learn more here from Surabhi Calla

Organizational Messages are moving to the M356 portal as covered here by the Intune support team

Another very exciting announcement, Autopilot V2. This is well worth checking out, thanks to Lior Bela, Maggie Dakeva, Juanita Baptiste and Ele Ocholi

This post from Lior Bela, Priya Ravichandran and Abigail Stein covers using Intune to manage shared devices

You can now view Bitlocker recovery keys in the company portal website. Find out more here from Aasawari Navathe

Find out what’s new in the latest 2405 release with Scott Sawyer

That’s all for this week (as if that’s not enough), plus of course Windows on Arm which I am looking forward to testing! Have a great weekend

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