Intune Newsletter – 31st May 2024

It may be the school half-term holidays over here, but I’ve still managed to fit in a newsletter around visits to castles and zoos! Thanks to the community all of their articles and videos!

Community Content

We start this week with a look at the new Android Corporate staging functionality from Peter van der Woude

To be alerted when an application is added or assigned in your tenant, this Azure logic app from Jose Schenardie will generate an alert in Teams or Slack for you

Learn how to create a dynamic entra group to list employees working for each manager in this post from Jan Bakker

Updating applications deployed with Enterprise App Management will soon be easier with guided upgrades in the August 2024 release as covered here by Daniel Bradley

Now for three posts from Michael Niehaus, starting with how to test W11 24H2 prior to GA release

Michael’s next post looks at the recent announcements around Autopilot V2

If you’re having issues with reboots during ESP, Michael’s third post is worth reading

With the newly announced Snapdragon processors bringing excitement to Windows on Arm, this post from Mads Johansen looks at how ARM devices have changed over the years

Following on from the post covering M365 app deployment, Daniel Gebler looks at how to deploy Office plugins for both x86 and x64 versions of the apps

Next, Tim Beer has a comprehensive guide for deploying certificates using NDES and SCEP, an excellent read

Many of you will have free prints for Universal Print in Microsoft licensing already. Learn how to deploy and use it on macOS in this post from Rahul Jindal

Learn how to use Intune to configure LAPS for your devices with Curtis Cannon

We have a written post as well as video content from Steven Weiner, looking at deploying Entra Private Access to replace any VPN clients

Learn how to deploy both printers and their drivers as Win32 apps in this post from Thomas Marcussen

Next, Nicklas Olsen covers your options to secure Edge on your machines

If you are looking at using Windows 365 in a hybrid setup, check out this guide from Dominiek Verham

For those of you using Sonicwall VPN, Gannon Novak guides through deploying the client here

Not strictly Intune, but if you use any of Jannik Reinhard‘s AI apps, learn the secrets behind the websites here

Learn how to use Entra sign-in frequency to further secure your tenant here from Simon Skotheimsvik

Intune keeps improving for macOS, if you want to get started, follow this guide from Joery Van den Bosch

Video Content

Now onto the video, starting with a look at using Entra Private Access for on-prem file access from Steven Weiner

Steve also runs through how to use feature update policies to update a device to Windows 11

This is followed up with a script to configure end-user settings for the new OS

Steve’s next video looks at how Platform SSO interacts with Office, Edge and W365

Learn all about cloud PKI in this video from Shady Khorshed

Next, we have the latest Windows in the cloud covering everything AI with Christiaan Brinkhoff, Tyler Ross, Hilary Braun and Rishi Pochiraju

The latest unpacking endpoint management is here with Danny Guillory Jr, Steve Thomas, Joe Lurie, Nicole Zhao and Bryan Keller. This one covers Intune application management

If you are using SCCM, this video from Johan Arwidmark has some excellent tips to speed up your deployments

Microsoft Content

This Microsoft content this week comes from Thomas Trombley and looks at all of the exciting Windows news including some Intune features

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend!

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